“Ukrainian gov’t should not keep its troops from surrendering.”–Putin



“I hope the Ukrainian government will not prevent the surrounded troops from surrendering”—Putin

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The President discussed the new Ukrainian effort to relieve
its grouping in the Debaltsevo cauldron.

The Russian leader appearing at a press conference to
discuss the outcome of  the meeting with
Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said that the continuing clashes between
the Ukrainian forces and the militia are not a surprise to him.

“It was predictable. I talked about it in Minsk. It was
clear that whoever is in the cauldron will attempt to break out, escape, while
the militias who are holding their positions will resist.”

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Putin also informed the journalists that troops loyal to
Kiev attempted yet again to escape from Debaltsevo. Nevertheless, the number of
clashes between the two sides has considerably dropped since the Minsk agreement
was signed.

“I hope the responsible [sic] parties in Kiev will not
prevent its surrounded troops from laying down their arms and returning to
their families.”

The President also said that the shared task of all parties
to the Minsk negotiations is to “save the lives of the people in the cauldron and
ensure the fighting there does not complicate the relationship between the official
government and the militias.”

J.Hawk’s Comment:  Putin also said (and that particular quote did not make it into the LifeNews article translated above, though is expressed with a perfectly straight face in the video below) that “nobody likes to lose, especially if you lose to yesterday’s coal miners and tractor drivers.” Trolling, Master Level. 

In retrospect, it’s clear that best part of Minsk-2 is that
it forced Merkel and Hollande to spend 17 hours in one room with Poroshenko.
One can only imagine what they thought of their Ukrainian “partner.” Probably
something along the lines of Oh.My.God.This.Guy.Is.Nuts. No doubt Putin came
across as by far the more reasonable, flexible, and trustworthy of the two.

Because Poroshenko stupidly painted himself into a corner. Maybe he
thought that was the best option (assuming he knew the true situation at
Debaltsevo, of course), since any continuation of the fighting would give him a
reason to accuse Novorossia of violating the ceasefire, which in turn would allow him to appease the “war party” in Kiev and continuing the war and perhaps obtain Western military aid. Kinda like having your
cake and eating it too. Except this time there is no cake. The EU and possibly even
the US elites are fed up with Ukraine and its too-clever-by-half leadership that is
far more of a burden than an asset.

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