Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba arrested for treason


Ruslan Katsaba

February 8, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Editor-in-chief of pro-junta “” Butusov re. the arrest and the charges of treason and ESPIONAGE against Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba:

“I think most of those, who know questions the grounds for the arrest of the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, simply have not seen the text of his testimony on January 17. Quoting:

Ruslan Katsaba:

“I find it easier to serve in prison two to five years, than going to the civil war, to kill or assist in killing of my compatriots who live in the East. Even if they think different and believe that the Kiev government is not worthy to be obeyed….

…It is impossible in the 21st century to kill people just because they want to live separately.

…There are almost no regular Russian troops in Donbass.

…Local guys are fighting, the “militias”. Best men killing the best of men. When super-guys destroy super-guys – it is a great injustice. This should be stopped”.

Needless to say this text from the person who is positioning himself as a war correspondent who saw the truth in Donbass, became a hit in the Russian media! 

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