Ukrainian professor running for office in Estonia advocates terrorism against Russia



On taking the war to the territory of the aggressor—The RussianFederation

By Evhen Tsybulenko

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Yet another terrorist attack organized by the Russian
occupiers against a peaceful demonstration in Kharkov once again forces us to
raise the question of taking the war to Russian territory.

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Naturally, Ukrainians are not like the Kremlin barbarians
and therefore they should not blow up people at peaceful demonstrations.
However, any enemy combatant and any enemy target on the territory of Russia is
a lawful military target.

A combatant is anyone who is a member of the Russian
military or paramilitary organizations, except for the medical and religious
personnel. Starting with draftees (even if on leave) and ending with the
Commander-in-Chief Putin. “Every time you see one, kill one”—that’s how.

Military facilities are obvious enough targets, but one can
also attack dual-use facilities, such as bridges, transport infrastructure, the
power grid, communication centers, etc. Naturally, such attacks may cause
collateral damage (which, naturally, ought to be avoided) among the civilian
population. As long as one does not violate the principle of proportionality,
the laws of war are being respected. Moreover, such activities need not be
conducted by the UAF. It can be done by partisans.

To the especially stubborn “vatniks”, like Klenskiy who
likes to (unsuccessfully) write complaints on me to the Prosecutor General’s
office, I’ll make the following clarification. I am not calling for war or for
terrorism. I am merely discussing the options available for implementing
Ukraine’s right of self-defense against the Russian aggression, which began
with Russia’s invasion [sic] of Crimea. Self-defense is a lawful activity, and
the right to it is enshrined in Article 51 of the UN Charter. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: The guy’s blog is called “Notes of an Estonian Banderite”, and he is running as a candidate from the Estonian Freedom Party. Needless to say, if one were to make similar comments concerning a Western country, there’d be a swift and severe reaction, including by the law enforcement. It’s OK to advocate terrorism in the West, as long as you advocate it against the “right” enemy. 


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