Ukrainian soldier boasts about shooting civilians on his Facebook page


February 16, 2015
Alexander Mamuluy – Facebook
Translated by Kristina Rus

“Frontline journal” of a soldier from 93th separate mechanized brigade, regular unit of Ukranian Armed Forces: 

…Today a few of our boys from a regular base went on a business trip to the hero-city of Kupyansk.

Military “Ural”, route: “Cherkassy – Kharkov – Chuguev – Shevchenko – Kupyansk – Kupyansk-Uzlovoy”.

And since I am a native of this area, and my mother and grandfather – from Kupyansk, the boys called me.

Shared, so to speak, impressions and observations of the bright representatives of the local fauna.

Phone call.

– San, Shevchenkovo, Kupyansk is under whom?

– What are you doing there, getting wasted on the road, or what?! There is no fighting in the Kharkov region, it is a home front! 150 kilometers until front line!

– Well, here along the road the drivers are showing us a middle finger from their cars, cyclists – spit on the car!

…. ….. ……..!

What can I say nicely?

Separs [separatists] there are meager and fat.

Local riffraff did not see the war, fearless.

In Donetsk region all civilians have been VERY polite for a while.

Impolite ones somehow disappeared…

These drivers and (…. ) cyclists were lucky that the boys left the front a long time ago, back in August, “socially adapted” already.

We would not be so nice.

…I remember the end of of July.

Some local f#ck, showed a finger from a gate towards a passing car with soldiers.

In the next three weeks, each of us who drove by, shot his house from everything we had. 

Bursts of automatic fire punctured the roof…

Heavy rifle bullets punched holes in the euro-fence…

Grenades exploded in the yard…




Kristina Rus comment:

Just imagine this Ukrainian soldier proudly telling these frontline stories to his future grandchildren. This story illustrates the socially acceptable mentality in today’s Ukraine, were a soldier can boast about shooting unarmed civilians, because they are “subhuman separatists”. And this is not the Right Sector or volunteer battalion, this is just one soldier from regular Ukrainian army. And according to him, he is not alone in his thinking. Besides an admission of a crimes against civilians, this is also an illustration of a deep rift in the Ukrainian society, which is divided not along the front line, but deep on the home front. A rift marked by deep hatred and a passion to annihilate fellow humans.

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