Ukrainian soldiers break into a house, beat the owner, take his belongings, and record it on video


February 14, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

(Everyone, including the owner speak mostly Ukrainian, mixed with some Russian)

We are in an apartment!

How many people did you drive?

Guy, lets talk normally!

I am not lying!

Shut your mouth, f%ck!

What are the metal sheds in the yard? 


Turn your face!

There are garden tools and car parts

I can hear you, turn your face!

Whats on the hill?

Face in the wall!

I am not lying!

Turn your face!

I hear you, turn your face!

Face in the wall!

Friend, please tell me, be so kind, I am begging you! I am a normal person! 

Don’t raise your head!

I am telling you, don’t raise your head!

I built everything myself, I want to live here! My children are here! Do you understand? I am not a fighter, I am not a Russian fighter! We were running away from the war!

These are my rims, there is no beamer [BMW]

Where are the keys?

May be in my pockets?

Where are the keys?

On a window, or in my pockets!

I am not lying, I will give you all the keys

Respond to the point!!

I am not lying, I will give all the keys! Why are you beating me? I am a human!

You are a separatist!

I swear on my mother and God Jesus Christ, and on my children!

Here, take this!

Why are you making a video?

The keys are in my pockets! I am not lying, I swear! I am not lying, kind people, look in my jacket!

There is enough weapons for a base.

You know my wife, Olya, she works in the alcohol department, a brunette! You all know her, you buy alcohol from her, she will confirm everything! I didn’t do anything! I am telling you the truth, I swear, I am not lying, I swear! I am quiet!

Keep an eye on him, guys, pause this!

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