Ukrainian volunteer forced to walk out from a mobilization meeting in Zaporozhye region to locals cheering (video)


February 3, 2015

Translated from Ukrainian by Kristina Rus

“We can not sleep at night, we worry. What have our life come to? We just want the sun to shine, and we don’t want war! You want to take our strength, our men! The monks in Ukrainian monasteries pray for Ukraine day and night. For what? There is no road back from there”

“We are for peace!”

“Who are you fighting against, volunteers? We see on TV – four kids lost a house! We cannot turn the TV on! Who do you fight against – children? How is it for those poor people? If not for you, Crimea would still be ours!”

“Why didn’t you save the kiborgs?”

“What kind of a job is this, sending people to slaughter?

Volunteer: “Dear citizens, I did not come here to listen to you, and I am not going to sit here and listen to all of your complaints, like a school boy!”

The crowd erupts, the volunteer walks out.  

“Separatist!” – people shout

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