US Ambassador Pyatt caught spreading falsehoods

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US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt is spreading outright lies on the internet.

By Varjag_2007

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt published on his Twitter
feed fabricated “proof” of Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict. Pyatt
retweeted an article with a photograph with an announcement by the Deputy and “talking
helmet” Dmitriy Tymchuk from February 11.

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In that article, the odious Ukrainian propagandist talks
about the arrival of another batch of the “aggressor’s” equipment to
Debaltsevo. The fact that the diplomat was spreading outright falsehood was
discovered by the Donetsk political scientist Vladimir Kornilov, known for his
perceptive nature and great memory.

“Ambassador Pyatt is spreading outright falsehoods. Today he
retweeted an article and a photo from Tymchuk’s site concerning the alleged
arrival of Russian weapons at Debaltsevo. However, that very same photo was
spread by many Ukrainian sites already in November, also claiming that LPR
received Russian equipment from beyond the Arctic Circle.

Well, it’s only appropriate that Tymchuk and the Ukrainian
media do things like that. But it’s shameful for an ambassador to spread such
falsehoods! So who is now spreading outright propaganda and lies?”—Kornilov ends
with a rhetorical question. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: Evidently the Russian military has by now mastered time travel, because it can be in the same space both in November 2014 and February 2015! Aside from that, this is par for the course for the US State Department, which is now simply in the business of spreading Ukrainian propaganda without asking any questions. The apparent rift between Berlin and Washington may well be due to the German government realizing they have been lied to by their US allies concerning the situation in Ukraine, leading to Germany (jointly with France) deciding to chart its own way out of the crisis. 

As a side note, will any US media outlet notice the propaganda-mongering? By the way, that’s a rhetorical question too.

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