USA: Republicans Want to Force Arms to Kiev


“USA: Republicans want to force arms to Kiev”

German Economic News  |  Published: 02/06/15 15:49 clock

[Translation by Eric Zuesse, 6 Feb. 2015)

If Merkel and Hollande fail in Moscow, the Americans want to supply Ukraine with weapons, say sources in EU diplomatic circles. Obama is exploring all options. But even if the US president decides against arms sales [actually arms donations, since all new loans that are made to Ukraine will go to the back of the long line of creditors and be retroactively nullified in Ukraine’s ultimate bankruptcy], Republicans hold the majority in the House and Senate, they decide alone [that’s not true: the President alone possesses the requisite executive authority; Congress has none].

According to the newspaper Die Welt (Friday), which is usually respected in high EU diplomatic circles, the US government will probably supply weapons to Kiev if the initiative of Merkel and Hollande fails. US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday in Kiev, that President Barack Obama will consider all options.

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