Victims of Western-supported Kiev junta – 3 siblings taking a bath before bedtime


February 13, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Nastia, Dasha, Kirill, who is next? 

“This was a bathroom…”

He can not calmly look at this. Just yesterday there was a bathroom. His three children were taking a bath before bedtime. He heard an explosion. Dennis didn’t realize immediately that the rocket hit the house directly. He wanted to take the kids to the basement.

He is still shaking from what he saw.

“At first glance I saw the whole body of Nastia. I took Kirill in my arms. The emergency worker dragged me away, thought, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I could handle it. Only my wife was taken to the hospital with a nervous breakdown. I was holding myself together. This is barbaric.” 

His wife Lyuba spent the whole night in a hospital. But found strength to come back to the house. They are looking for clean clothes to bury their children tomorrow. 

“Didn’t even hear a hiss. Just “bang!” “

At once they lost everyone: 2 year old Kirill, 7 year old Nastia and 13 year old Dasha. They were always together, remember the parents. On a table, under fragments of glass – a book of fairytales, the sisters liked to read them for their brother at night. 

“They were so friendly. The little one couldn’t be away from his oldest sister. The middle one was very happy.”

Active shelling of Gorlovka began last night. Artillery worked all night. The shelling continued in the morning. 

Destruction around the entire town. One shell exploded near a residential house. Many wounded. Broken glass everywhere.

Vera Ivanovna just found out her husband Alexey was killed. They spent 40 years together.  She asked him not to go outside. Was afraid. But he insisted. Her elderly mother just moved in, and he went to get some food. 

“My husband is dead. I don’t want to talk”

No words. Just fear. Gorlovka residents try to shelter in basements. But it doesn’t always help. 

Denis’s family spent the last 6 months in the basement. He came down here to take his son’s favorite toy. Along with the toy they are taking Dasha’s favorite blue dress, and leaving far away from the house. 

Channel 1, Gorlovka.  

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