Video recording of Nemtsov’s murder released



Video of Nemtsov’s murder released

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The TVTs TV channel published surveillance camera video
which captured the moment of Nemtsov’s murder in the center of Moscow. One can
see the car and the silhouettes of people.

We can see how Boris Nemtsov and Anna Duritskaya are walking
on the bridge toward the Bolotnaya square. They are overtaken and obscured by a
snow clearance vehicle with flashing lights. A second later another man runs
out from behind the vehicle, gets into a car and leaves.

The snow clearance vehicle stops several meters from the
location of the crime. Only one silhouette remains, apparently Nemtsov’s
acquaintance. Then she walks up to the drivers, and spends several minutes
behind the snow clearing vehicle.

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At the same time other pedestrians walk on the bridge. They
walk past as if nothing had happened, while others stop briefly out of
interest. One individual inspects the place of Nemtsov’s death, then runs up to
the snow clearing machine, next to which is the girl, then returns to the body.
At 23:35 the first vehicle stopped here, and left several seconds later. The
girl returned to the place of the crime, then two other individuals walked up
to it. At 23:37 another vehicle drives by, abruptly stops, and drives in
reverse to the site of the crime. It remains next to the crime scene for some

Police arrive at the crime scene at 23:42. We can see two
individuals running away from under the bridge.

Investigators are considering all possible versions of
Nemtsov’s murder. However, Rossiyskaya Gazeta sources in the law enforcement
say that they are most interested in the scenario in which Nemtsov was killed
for personal reasons. In spite of the fact that Nemtsov was fired at no less
than six times, not a single bullet struck his companion Anna Duritskaya. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: That is  by far the most plausible explanation of Nemtsov’s death. He was mixed up in all manner of shady, immoral, and possibly even illegal interpersonal and financial dealings. He had plenty of opportunity to make enemies for himself, and did not get along especially well with most of the so-called “Russian opposition.” Once again, the fact he was shot at 6-8 times at point blank range, out of which only 4 shots hit, and moreover that his companion who was in perfect position to see who was shooting at Nemtsov was left alive and unharmed on the scene, suggests a personal animosity toward Nemtsov somehow related to this “relationship” (for lack of a better word–somehow I doubt the 55-year-old Nemtsov was going to marry the 23-year-old “actress-model) on the part of the shooter.

That the US government ordered or inspired the killing is implausible in the extreme. The fact that the USG will use this killing to political advantage certainly suggests cynical opportunism, but nothing more. 

It is equally extremely implausible the killer was ordered or inspired by anyone within the Russian government.  

For the sake of completeness, a third set of implausible theories (though here the motive is actually pretty evident) posits that Nemtsov was killed by someone within Russia’s “war party” (whose representative or maybe even leader is none other than…Strelkov/Girkin) in order to provoke a harsh Western reaction that would in turn force the Russian government to adopt a harder line toward the West. 

Still, in the end one has to keep in mind that the vast majority of “contract killings” in Russia have to do not with politics but with dirty financial dealings and/or the underworld. The alternative Anna Duritskaya angle is not that Nemtsov was shot by a jealous lover, but by Duritskaya’s pimp. 

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