“We call on all commanders to rise up and start overthrowing the government.”



“The Battalion Brotherhood is Starting a National Tribunal”:The “Volunteer Soldier Assembly” in Kiev demands Poroshenko’s dismissal.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

On Sunday, February 1, a Volunteer Soldier National Assembly
was held, with 500 militants who had fought on the Donbass.

“We call on all commanders to rise up and start overthrowing
the government. The battalion brotherhood is starting a national tribunal”,
they chanted.

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The militants, who arrived from the combat zone, told the
Kievans at the meeting that their units had no financing, and are not supplied
with weapons.

They demanded the introduction of martial law and changes to
the security services (dismissal of the heads of the Ministry of Defense, Security
and Defense Committee, GenStaff chief, and the Prosecutor’s office). They also
demanded that the MOD be audited, and counter-terror fighters be admitted as
members to the OSCE mission and participate in the organization’s meetings.

Their demands to the Verkhovna Rada included the impeachment
of the President and the removal of legal immunity afforded to Rada members and

The demonstrators announced they will hold a protest action
at the walls of the GPU, then will go to the President’s Administration and
deliver a list of their demands to Poroshenko.

Several days ago another demonstration took place in Kiev.
Its participants demanded that Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk be dismissed.
The demonstrators were complaining about the rampant corruption and the
byzantine tax system. Their slogans were formulated as follows: “Reform, or
bullet to the head!” and “Senya, get to work, our patience is running out.”

Translator’s Note: So, contrary to the prediction by
Rodzhers, it does not seem that Turchinov and Yatsenyuk are safe either. Who is
safe? Avakov? Parubiy? Do the recent reports of the National Guard (reportedly
still loyal to Poroshenko) bugging out of not only Debaltsevo but the
still-safe Artemovsk suggest an effort to get to Kiev while Poroshenko is
still the president?

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