Who wants the war to continue?



Ukrainian professional patriots are interested in continuing the war for commercial reasons

By Varjag-2007

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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There are many forces in Ukraine which are interested in
seeing the war continue, said the Russian State Duma Deputy Chair Sergey
Zheleznyak. In his words, many Ukrainian officers have become dollar millionnaires
thanks to the war.

“The main problem right now is the implementation of the
Minsk Agreements, specifically the fact that there is a huge number of people
who want the war to continue. Some of them do so for economic reasons, because
they have grown rich off corruption. Many generals which are responsible for
the military operations have become dollar millionaires literally in the space
of few months. There are many people who have committed crimes, and who fear
that once the war stops there will be investigations. Moreover, many political
forces in Ukraine have no agenda other than war,” said Zheleznyak

He is right. And it’s not just about the generals. Keep in
mind the volunteer movement. Yes, at the beginning they were genuine
volunteers, in reaction to the squalid conditions of the military personnel,
but over time many volunteers have grown rich, so for them the war has become a
bottomless feeding trough. I was told about one volunteer who during peacetime
bought his clothes from used goods stores, and now he is buying a 600 square
meter apartment. There are regular stories about explosions in volunteer
centers in Odessa, Kharkov, or the killings of volunteers in Zaporozhye, all of
which is blamed on mythical partisans. These are simply the financial conflicts
among the volunteer who act as parasites on the aid. The birth mark of
Ukrainian patriots is evident. I am reminded of the words of Lesya Ukrainka—“the
professional patriot loves Ukraine as much as his pockets are deep.”

Moreover, should peace ever break out in Ukraine, what is
going to happen to the thousands of internet warriors, or the organizers of
public shows? Do you think Ukrainian hacks will want to again compete with
Russian singers, writers, journalists? Russian films, books, information agencies
are being banned and writers are being persecuted not for security reasons, but
due to the unwillingness to compete with those who are stronger in the creative

J.Hawk’s Comment: The one thing to add here is that should
the fighting ever stop on the Donbass, the professional Ukrainian patriots will
lose the one thing that unites them and turn on one another. Given the country’s
economic collapse and popular discontent, it seems rather unlikely all these
soldiers and volunteers will simply be demobilized and peacefully “integrated”
into the now-impoverished society. Too much has been promised for them not to
feel betrayed. By everyone, from their own citizens to the international
community. It’s the stuff of which mass radical movements are made of.

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