Yalta, 1945: Who wants to rule the world?


February 9, 2015
Nikolay Starikov
Transcript of Yalta talks
Translated by Kristina Rus

Yalta, February 6, 1945:

Stalin: Churchill raised concern, that some may think, that the three great states want to rule the world. 

But who is contemplating such domination? The United States? No, they don’t think about that. (laughter, and a gesture by the [US] President) 

England? Not either. (laughter and a gesture from Churchill)

Thus, two great states are out of suspicion. A third one is left …. USSR. Therefore, USSR strives for world domination? (laughter all around) 

Or, perhaps, China is striving for world domination? (all laugh)

It is clear, that talks about ambitions for world domination are unnecessary. His friend Churchill cannot name a single state, which would like to rule the world.

Churchill adds, that he himself does not believe in a desire for world domination from any of the three allies. However, the position of these allies is so powerful, that others may think that, if appropriate precautionary measures are not taken…

Stalin, continuing his speech, says, that so far the two great states confirmed the statute of the International Security Organization, which, according to Churchill, will defend them from accusations of their ambitions to rule the world.

The third state has not yet given it’s consent for this statute. However, Stalin will study the suggestions, formulated by Stettinius, and perhaps, then it will become more clear, what this is about. Stalin thinks, however, that the allies now have much more serious problems, then the question about the right of nations to express their opinion or an issue about a desire of the three main states for world domination.

Churchill said, that there is no reason to worry about anything undesirable even in the event of accepting American suggestions. Yes, of course, while we are all alive, there is nothing to worry about. We will not allow dangerous disagreements between us. We will not allow another aggression against any of our countries.

But 10 years will pass, and, may be, less, and we will disappear. A new generation will come, which has not gone through all of this, that we have survived, which will see many issues differently, than us. What will happen then?

We are setting a goal to guarantee peace at least for 50 years ahead. Or, may be, he, Stalin, thinks so due to his naivete? The main condition for keeping a permanent peace – is a unity of the three states. If such unity remains, we shouldn’t worry about the German danger.

Therefore, we should think about how to better provide a single front among the three states, to which China and France should probably be added as well? This is why the question about the statute of the Organisation of International Security carries such importance. We need to build as many barriers for disagreements among the three main states in the future, as possible. We need to develop such statute, which would maximally prevent an emergence of conflicts among them. This is the main task.

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