“Yatsenyuk Must Be Dismissed”–Viktor Baloga



“The Yatsenyuk government must immediately be dismissed”—ViktorBaloga

By Viktor Baloga

Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk

I drove my car from Transcarpathia to Kiev yesterday. It was
a quick drive because the roads are practically empty, almost no cars, no truck
traffic. It’s great for a car driver, but a situation like this on the roads
only means the economy has ground to a halt.

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I’m not just stating the facts. I believe that if this
decline is to stop, we have to dismiss this government. It would be even better
if they themselves understood that it is beyond their abilities to develop this
country. They can only destroy it.

There is one specific Uggs-boots wearing woman who needs to
resign as well. We are going to accomplish this, because there is no other way
to save this country’s economy. Otherwise the cynics will destroy it before our
very eyes.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: To my knowledge, Baloga has not criticized
Yatsenyuk before, he was known as a sharp critic of Poroshenko due to his
conduct of the war and the fact that a mountain infantry brigade from Baloga’s
region is trapped at Debaltsevo. But for him to suddenly turn on Yatsenyuk
means that he is taking a hard line against the party of war which Yatsenyuk
personifies, alongside Turchinov and Avakov. As a reminder, Baloga has already
called for a referendum on the future of the Donbass, so this most recent
facebook post is a continuation of that theme, except that he is no longer
criticizing Poroshenko.

Poroshenko, for his part, seems to be building a coalition consisting of, well, a lot of the same people that Yanukovych relied upon. This has led to a confrontation between Poroshenko and Lyashko earlier today, when Lyashko accused Poroshenko of “betraying the Maidan” because the new Prosecutor General nominee was confirmed by a coalition that included the Opposition Bloc.

The Uggs-boots-wearing woman mentioned above is the National
Bank of Ukraine Director Valeriya Gontareva, whom Baloga evidently blames for
the collapse of the hryvnya, even though that was arguably beyond her control.   

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