“You are killing your own people”–cuts to health care leave Ukrainans to die



Ukraine’s Laughter and Horror: A fight for sunflower oil. A fight over TB medication.

By da_dzi

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Ukrainian patriots staged a battle over sunflower oil for
sale. A bottle of oil selling for 15 hryvnya was sufficient reason for cultured
“Europeans” to stage a riot. Funny, right? Whatever happened to the heavily
advertised “culture” of Galicia?

There is more on the way—this is just the beginning of the
UniUkraine’s eclipse. A fight over a can of meat. A fight over a carton of milk.
A fight over cheap bread. Bread which will soon become very expensive.

But here’s another scenario, which is not funny at all. If
anything, it’s frightening.

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A man ill with TB attacked a physician demanding to be given
the medicine he needs. But the dispensary does not have those medicines
available. Due to the cancellation of the contract.  Therefore the patient is dealing with this
lethal illness on his own. Experts say that what happened in Chernigov is not
unique, but rather is a part of a nationwide trend.

Just think about it…Health care is the first thing to go in
the UniUkraine. The Army, the MVD, the SBU, and other means of violence will
function until the end.

Cancer patients, TB patients, people suffering from
auto-immune deficiency and genetic illnesses, people with AIDS, heart patients,
the mentally ill, and people with head traumas. None of them have the money to
buy the expensive drugs they need. Their only hope is the government.

But the government is no longer able to provide them with

Can you imagine the deathly terror of the people who have
simply been forgotten by the Kiev government? Do you understand why the patient
attacked the physician?

Because he was abandoned to die.

Is this your victory, you “nationally conscious” monsters?
You are killing your own nation.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Da_Dzi’s final comments are entirely on
point. Ukraine, all of it, is on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe. It is
being led there by its own government and its enablers in Western capitals. What’s
more, the cutting of expenditures on medicine is part of the IMF-imposed
austerity that is the condition for “aid”, so the West is playing an active
role in the perpetration of this catastrophe. It is as stark as that. 
What is worst is that there seems to be no way to avoid this catastrophe anymore.

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