Zakharchenko’s final warning to Poroshenko



Aleksandr Zakharchenko on Minsk-2

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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“I said in Minsk and am saying right now that the DPR
territory includes the entire Donetsk Region. If our demands for a de-facto
independence are not met, we shall claim the entire Donetsk Region. How we will
obtain it does not matter to us. If we can’t do it through the political
process, we have already shown that we can do it through other means.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: Note that Zakharchenko is talking about a “de-facto”
independence, which takes a fair amount of pressure off Poroshenko, because all
Ukraine’s president need to do is simply leave Novorossia alone while
continuing to engage in belligerent rhetoric. Zakharchenko is also
re-emphasizing This Is It. Either Minsk-2 sticks, or there isn’t going to be a Minsk-3.
These are not empty words—Novorossia’s army has been toying with the UAF so as
to allow Poroshenko a face-saving way out. It is obvious enough which side has
the advantage and initiative on the battlefield. The battle for Logvinovo was
one that the UAF simply could not afford to lose, and they threw the best they
had (they also threw Semenchenko, but that’s another matter) at Novorossia’s
forces there and…lost. Once the attempt to relieve the Debaltsevo pocket had
failed, it became abundantly clear who can dictate facts on the ground. Should Poroshenko
fail to act in a responsible fashion yet again, he will not be given a
face-saving way out the next time.

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