Zambia and Ghana have a higher minimum wage then Ukraine


February 25, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

After another record fall of the national currency, the hryvnia, the minimum wage in Ukraine is now less than 43 dollars [a month].

According to the Ukrainian Parliament budget for 2015 it is 1,218 hryvnia and will not be increased during the year until the month of December.

Even in the poor countries of Bangladesh, Ghana and Zambia citizens receive 4 dollars more than the Ukrainians. Much wealthier are the residents of Gambia, Lesotho and Chad. There the “minimum” is $51.

For comparison, the highest minimum wage in the world is in Australia, were it is $2,700.

Earlier the media reported that the minimum wage and pensions in Ukraine will grow from December 1, 2015 by 13% on average. This was announced by the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko. Analysts, in turn, call this higher level of social protection of Ukrainians “laughable” because it will not cover even half of the inflation, expected by the government in 2015.

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