A chilling Nemtsov’s murder prophecy from 2012


March 1, 2015
Source: Mikle1
Translated by Kristina Rus

Anatoly Vasserman (2012):

– Should we expect a new wave of protest rallies or is it going to dissipate? Is the opposition preparing any surprises? 

-After the presidential elections of March 4 the protest activity will increase. I am not ruling out, that during that period, a high profile crime may take place – something like the murder on October 7, 2006 of the journalist Anna Stepanovna Mazepa, better known under her husband’s name “Politkovskaya”. She was killed on Putin’s birthday, in order to “congratulate” him this way. Today there are many people in the opposition movement, who could provide a very good advertising for the anti-state movement. If I was, for example, Boris Nemtsov, I would try to a either leave Russia a few days before the elections, or ask for asylum in one of the Russian prisons. Better to spend a few days behind bars, then to end up in a grave.. Today there are a lot of people, for whom Nemtsov is much more usefull dead, then alive…

February 20, 2012

Kristina Rus: 

Three years later Vasserman’s words became prophetic….Not a few days before elections, but 1.5 days before the “Russian Maidan,” cleverly named “Spring” on March 1st, which is the first day of spring in Russia. 

And you can say what you wish about the argument that it was Putin who killed him, the logic of the events makes that argument highly suspicious. 

The historical timing of the murder, when Russia was finally winning the stand-off in Novorossia, left Russia’s opponents the only option to change the situation – to attempt a change of the Russian leadership from the inside (like they haven’t tried that before). After two defeats in Ukraine, a military failure and a sorry state of the Ukrainian army became apparent. The US and Europe are no longer monolith in their position, as they shift further apart and with each passing day it is more and more difficult to hide Kiev’s crimes, lies and terror in Donbass and Ukraine. Thus Russia is beginning to make victories in the information war where it matters – in Europe. As Ukrainian stand-off is turning into a diplomatic phase along with a looming economic apocalypse in Ukraine (which is the only thing that Ukraine beat Russia at), it is becoming more and more difficult for the Kiev junta to stay afloat. 

What is left for Russia’s opponents? It is to blow up the situation in Russia from the inside. If one wanted to radicalize and polarize Russian society, naturally blaming Putin for a murder of a top opposition leader is a logical step. 

Is this attempt doomed to fail? Considering Putin’s sky high approval rating, this could be just one step in a series of steps, or an attempt to turn the tide, which in the long run, whether before or after 2018 could allow to “hope” for desired results.

Even if Russia’s enemies keep failing, are we to believe they will stop trying? I think not.

We should not forget that this is a long game for all the players involved, and the United States will not retreat without a fight, and it is not willing to loose to “some former Russian KGB operative.”

PS Are we really to believe that Putin would kill his high profile opponents on his own birthday or at the front of his own Kremlin? The timing and locations of these murders much better fir a scenario of a sinister greeting to Putin from someone else…

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