“A full-scale war with Russia may begin in April or May”–Lutsenko



Lutsenko: “A full-scale war with Russia may begin in April or May”

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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A full-scale war with Russia may begin in April or May.
Petro Poroshenko Block deputy Yuriy Lutsenko made this announcement on March 16
on the “Free Speech” TV station. He also emphasized the need to increase the
fighting power of the UAF since, according to Lutsenko, there exists a real
threat of a full-scale war.

“There are far more threats to Ukraine than just that grey
zone of the ATO,” Lutsenko said. “We are in danger of a full-scale military
conflict which may be started by Russia at the end of April or May.
Intelligence information and analysis indicate a large concentration of armored
and mechanized forces, their support formations, and greater activity by the
Russian intelligence and reconnaissance. This may be an indication that Putin,
having failed at Plan A of separating the Russian-speaking part of the
population and at Plan B of organizing a rebellion in Kiev, may launch Plan C
of full-scale war,” Lutsenko concluded his paranoia-laden remarks.

J.Hawk’s Comment: The flip side of the coin is that Kiev,
having failed at Plan A of retaining the loyalty of the Russian-speaking population
and Plan B of ensuring economic growth (that rebellion in Kiev—who’s to say it
won’t happen this or next year???), will resort to Plan C of provoking a larger
war in order to justify internal repression and solicit/extort more aid from
the West. In fact, of the two parties, Kiev’s incentives to launch a war are
far greater.  

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