American consul in Russia presented with photos of murdered Donbass residents (video)


March 18, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Buryat regional branch of the Communist party in Russia was paid a working visit by the deputy minister, US Embassy consul for political affairs, Andrea Brouillet-Rodriguez and second secretary of the US Embassy, Christopher Grossman. During the meeting, Buryat communists presented “gifts” to the American diplomats.

One of the presented photos, “Gorlovka Madonna,” is considered one of the symbols of war in Donbass. A young mother with a ten-month baby in her arms from Gorlovka was killed by the Ukrainian punishers. 

Vadim Papura

The guests were also presented with the photo of brutally murdered on May 2, 2014 in Odessa, comsomolets (member of the junior communist organization),  Vadim Papura. This was reported on the website of the local branch of the Communist party.

Andrea Brouillet-Rodriguez hastened to turn away when receiving the photos, her eyes barely had caught the sight of the images.

“The purpose of our present is – “let’s be friends”. Let us recall the experience of our grandfathers, who together forged victory. A certain contribution to our victory over the Nazis was made by the Americans. It is better to combine our efforts today to win over the worst evil on the planet,” – explained the meaning of the gift the communist deputy, Bair Tsyrenov.

He also reminded the American visitors about the approaching 70th anniversary of the Soviet Victory in the Great Patriotic war. The communists expressed hope that the two countries entered into another confrontation can find common ground in the struggle for world peace, just as they did 70 years ago.

Vadim Papura

Gorlovka Madonna

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