Azerbaijan sides with Iran


March 29, 2015 (Azerbajan media)
Translated by Kristina Rus

The Presidential administration of Azerbaijan condemns any threat against Iran

The deputy head of presidential administration of Azerbaijan,  Novruz Mammadov believes that the interests of Azerbaijan and Iran require strengthening of bilateral relations. According to “Turan”, he said this in an interview with Iranian news agency IRNA.

According to Mammedov, after independence, the improvement of relations with Iran has become one of the priorities of the policy of Heydar Aliyev.

Last year a new phase in the improvement of bilateral relations has began. “This was expected, since the improvement of relations is in the interest of both countries,” – he said.

The indicator of strengthening ties were numerous meetings between the presidents of Iran and Azerbaijan. This was followed by regular visits by officials of the two countries that gave impetus to the development of relations and cooperation in many areas.

Azerbaijan has advocated against any threats and pressure on Iran. At the same time, he noted the importance of cooperation in ensuring regional security, in particular in the fight against terrorism in the face of ISIS.


More pressure on Iran from the West and Saudi Arabia pushes it to look for other allies, and Azerbaijan follows Iran (and Turkey). Azerbaijan has lost the romantic illusions about America, and naturally is putting more hopes on the more culturally and geographically closer players. After all, Azerbaijan used to be a part of the Persian Empire.

Although Iran views itself in terms of the shadow of the Persian Empire, as a unique civilization (like China or Russia), it can not stand alone.

If the current operation against Yemen is viewed as an attack against Iran, China’s and Russia’s pro-Iranian position is symbolic.

Russia already won back the Orthodox Christian Armenia, which saw Russia as a big brother and the main guarantor of it survival for centuries.

However, Nagorny Karabakh remains the weakest spot and a biggest challenge in the relationship between Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, which keeps flaring up after 20 years (reportedly 20 people were killed in the recent clashes on March 19). An armed conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot be ruled out, and would become a real test for Russia.

In a way joining the Eurasian Union by both Armenia and Azerbajan would help diffuse the territorial conflict.

Iran and Turkey are the other potential candidates for such a union promising new markets and trade routes for all the players involved, if only some countries can put their economic interests above their past grievances.

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