BREAKING: Kiev junta attacks Shirokino near Mariupol


March 28, 2015
16:51 local time
Translated by Kristina Rus

Just got a call from under Shirokino, the enemy went on the attack in Shirokino and a little North of Shirokino towards the village Octyabr. Is this a recon battle or the beginning of a more serious action is unclear. Our guys from the Slavic brigade took on the fight and are repelling the attacks. The concentration for the attack was prepared in the surrounding area, where infantry was amassed at night (mostly “pravoseki” [Right Sector] and the personnel of the “Azov” and “Dnepr”) while the representatives of the OSCE during the day “actively” performed the monitoring of the situation.. 

Mostly infantry is attacking with the support of APCS, tanks are trying to hit our positions at a distance, the attack is supported by mortars and as they like to say “SAUshki”. At the moment NAF is hold all positions.

This Ukrainian map is outdated and is not accurate, but it gives you the location in English (Shyrokyne):

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