British “non-lethal” aid proves lethal…to the Ukrainian military



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British “non-lethal” aid proves lethal…to the Ukrainian military

By J.Hawk

Apparently not all the UK-provided Saxons were sold off–some of them were actually issued to the UAF, specifically the 79th Airmobile Brigade which previously operated BMD-series air-droppable infantry fighting vehicles, many of which were destroyed or captured already during the summer 2015 campaign by the Novorossia militia. So they were issued Saxons instead, vehicles with a rather high center of gravity which makes them far more sensitive to sudden turning movements than, say, Russian BTR-series wheeled APCs. Still, at the rate things are going, one wonders if any of these vehicles will be in service long enough for Novorossia to capture them! The accident, which took place on the Kiev-Kharkov highway,  involved two Saxons and left one Ukrainian soldier dead and one wounded. If this is how elite UAF formations handle their equipment, what can be said about the hastily recalled reservists with hardly any refresher training?

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