DPR is contemplating offensive on Konstantinovka to defend the citizens from mass repressions


Konstantinovka after mass riots

March 18, 2015
Kharkov Antimaidan Facebook Page
Translated by Krisitna Rus

Donetsk raised the issue of a possible offensive on Konstantinovka, if the Ukrainian security forces will begin reprisals against civilians. Residents of Konstantinovka – are the citizens of DPR, according to the Constitution of the Republic. Located on the temporarily occupied territory. Crime against civilians is a crime against the Republic. That is, a direct violation of the ceasefire. The Republic has the right to protect its citizens, wherever they are (anywhere in the world). Like all developed countries. In Konstantinovka, reportedly, terrible repressions have begun.

KR: Konstantinovka is only 50 kilometers from Donetsk…

Ukrainian invaders managed to violently take control of all objects in Konstantinovka. From the ground reports indicate that “pravoseki” (Right Sector) broke in at night on armored vehicles and violently dispersed the crowd. There is no data about deaths and injuries at the moment. Now they are sweeping the town. Ukrainian punishers go from house to house, beating residents and randomly snatching citizens, taking them to an unknown destination. No help came. Konstantinovka plunged into the atmosphere of fear and hatred.”

Andre Purgin (DPR): Civil administration has been suspended in parts of Donetsk region, occupied by Ukrainian forces, such as Konstantinovka. Those drunk soldiers, who struck a woman with kids are the authorities. Ukraine has pushed the Minsk deadlines by a week unilaterally. We had moved from 3 to 4 clashes per day to 20, and now sometimes to 50. We are balancing on the brink. During open hostilities in January we had 120-170 clashes per day. Provocations with ran over children and mass arrests don’t help the situation. 

Last POW exchange we got four mothers of militia men, who were jailed. We don’t have political prisoners, Ukraine gives us mostly political prisoners. During the exchange of 156 Ukrainian POW’s, 32 prisoners out of 227 were from the militia. There are thousands of people arrested for political reasons in Ukraine.

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