EU-Kiev diplomatic relations are deteriorating



Medvedchuk: Ukraine is suffering a fiasco on the diplomatic front in Europe

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

European politicians have understood that no changes can be
expected in Ukraine, and the intensity of dialogue with Kiev is falling, says
Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the Ukrainian Choice movement.

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Ukraine is suffering a diplomatic fiasco in Europe, having
disappointed European politicians with empty promises. “There are no changes on
the Ukraine-EU diplomatic front. Kiev, barely having recovered from the snub by
Brussels—Poroshenko was not invited to the December EU summit—is suffering yet
another diplomatic fiasco. The widely advertised 17th EU-Ukraine
summit that was originally planned for late January-early February is being
moved yet again. However, no new date has been set,” says Medvedchuk. The biggest
problem is that the two sides can’t agree on the “summit’s substantive content.”

The main reason for the drop in diplomatic activity between
EU and Ukraine is the absence of progress in implementing reforms. “Kiev
so-called reformers’ speechifying about their readiness to carry out reforms,
which are always interrupted by something or other, has exhausted the patience
of both Ukrainians and Europeans. Kiev has nothing to offer in the way of proof
of effective reforms or combating corruption. The only thing that Kiev
euro-integrators are capable of is increasing sanctions on Russia and asking
for more money,” says Medvedchuk.

In his view, the diplomatic ties between Kiev and Brussels
are deteriorating mainly due to the EU politicians’ disappointment in the
Ukrainian government which is not delivering on its promises. “There is nothing
surprising in the fact that Kiev’s representatives are less and less desirable
as guests at EU summits,” concludes Medvedchuk.

J.Hawk’s Comments: The danger here is that since Kiev cannot
get EU’s attention by delivering reforms, it can get it by starting another
round of fighting on the Dnbass. On the one hand, the UAF are in no position to
fight. They are in an even worse shape than two months ago. But the political
incentives to send them into battle yet again have not gone away. If anything,
they’ve gone stronger. 

The positive aspect of Kiev’s loss of credibility is that it makes Moscow a more desirable, and practically the only credible, partner for negotiations with the EU. 

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