Evgeny Fedorov: The Russian revolution has begun

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March 5, 2015

Evgeny Fedorov, Russian Duma deputy, leader of the National Liberation Movement

Translated by Kristina Rus

Originally recorded on March 2, 2015

Question: If we talk about the rally which took place on March 1st, should we expect sacrificial lambs from the other side, the patriotic side in order to collide the two masses of people – the liberals and the patriots, and how should the National Liberation Movement prepare? Should we be quiet, not go on the streets, not protest or protest and with what? 

– Let’s be honest, Americans have made the first strike. They begun the state coup. When they will write the future history books, if God forbid, this coup will be successful, this day will be called the beginning of the revolution. Although the revolution itself will be stretched in time, as usual. 

The war has begun. The state coup has begun. There is no turning back. It is impossible to end the war after starting it. It is impossible for Hitler to attack USSR, fight for a month, take Minsk, and then thinking it is not going well,  say, “Ok, truce, that’s enough!”. War has it’s own laws. And we know how it will unfold. It will unfold according to the logic that the National Liberation Movement talks about. Not because we can look into the future, but because this road has been taken a thousand times in our and world history. We are just saying, look guys, if you take this path, then you will come across such and such locality. It’s logical.

What will happen next? Look at our lectures about anti-maidan, our lectures on prevention of state coup and intervention, and you will find historical research about such events. Yes, I think there will be strikes from this side and that side. A gradual escalation of the stand-off will begin. The street balance of power right now is equal. They could not get 200-300 thousand as they wanted to raise using the emotional factor and the fifth column in the media. But in Moscow the [active street] balance is 50/50.  In the rest of Russia the balance is in favor of the National Liberation Movement.

[Most revolutionaries always concentrate in capitals, only 20+ thousand bolsheviks started the revolution in Russia almost 100 years ago – KR]

Considering they will have more provocations, will raise the bar of spilling blood. They will attempt to achieve victory. We will have to mobilize. But this will be a separate story, and we will talk about this separately. 

If we talk about the policy of NLM, I will tell you, there is a policy of waiting and a policy of attack. The attack should be on the United States, the American embassy. As soon as we receive confirmation of the information about the connection of the murderers [of Nemtsov] with the American and Ukrainian secret services we will have to raise the agenda of the expulsion of American ambassador, and raise pressure on the embassy, and throw this entire system out of our life.

The second moment is – they had delayed yesterday’s Maidan, because they decided to raise the social factor. And the social factor is a sudden impoverishment of the people, which will increase the number of the unsatisfied, and it will be raised in a few months.

Kristina Rus: 

I am afraid any measures from the side of the patriots will be met with a mirror or more drastic response from the liberals. The murder of Nemtsov definitely brought the smell of an approaching storm into the Russian atmosphere. The situation is very fragile, and the problem is how to strike the balance between defense and reconciliation to calm the level of hysteria among the two camps which the Russian society is rapidly sorting itself into.  

While it’s clear that the numbers are on Putin’s side, all that matters are the moods and intrigue inside the Kremlin and what happens in downtown Moscow. 

PS The National Liberation Movement strives to rid Russia of all the elements of foreign colonization

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