From Chechens to the Right Sector to CANVAS to Vanguard: Nemtsov’s case – theories against facts


March 8, 2015
Tatyana Volkova @
Translated by Kristina Rus

Tatyana Volkova’s blog is banned in Ukraine and she claims to have insider sources “among friends and family”. She also claims that Nemtsov’s murder investigators found the killers thanks to her tip about Aslan Alkhanov. This is her take on Nemtsov’s murder. KR

The case of the murder of Boris Nemtsov is surrounded by many theories, most of which fall into two categories: fabricated speculation, and theories specially prepared to protect the organizers. Active participation in this is taken by the organizers themselves, who have gotten in touch with the FSB.

From the information published so far it is known that the chain of intermediaries-organizers is practically neutralized: Aslan Alkhanov committed suicide; Beslan Shavanov died during an attempt to arrest him.

Basmanny court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of the alleged driver of the vehicle, the passenger of which, lieutenant Zaur Dadaev, murdered Boris Nemtsov, and confessed to his involvement in court.

Another former police officer, Anzor Gubashev was also arrested (allegedly the shooter, who killed Nemtsov), as well as other persons who helped them, whose names have already been published.

When as a result of my report on the night of the murder, the FSB followed the trail of Aslan Alkhanov, the organizers of the murder became suspicious, because unlike other organizers and performers, Mr. Alkhanov tried to understand the essence of the mission.

As I reported, the order came from the colleague of Dmitry Yarosh, agent of CANVAS. However, behind the Ukrainian side are, as in all operations initiated recently from the territory of Ukraine, American state agencies and the American private military companies.

These PMC’s, without exception, are all owned by corporations controlled by our old friend, asset management company, Vanguard. When it became clear that, thanks to my sources, FSB  found the tracks of the murderers “too early”, people from Vanguard on their own initiative came in contact with the investigation and gave up the executioners.

They did not risk much. One of the most important tasks of the provocation with the murder of Nemtsov was to push against Kadyrov against Putin. Therefore the performers were contacted not by Americans, and not even by Ukrainians, and the order was presented not in the form of treason, but as a noble deed, with a hint that it was almost “sanctioned by Kadyrov himself”: to destroy the enemy of Islam, the enemy of Russia, and a very bad man, Boris Nemtsov.

The task was to do this using people, whom Kadyrov trusted, offering them to do a “good deed”, and to earn very good money. Judging by the behavior of Dadaev in court, he still did not understand that he risked himself and killed not for his religion or beliefs, but for the profits of a private foreign company. According to the statements of Ramzan Kadyrov, he realizes that he had been set up, but has no clue by whom.

The customers disclosed the organizers, the performers and their companions, giving FSB information about people in Moscow and Grozny. Now – at least at the time of this post – a new, modified mission of the killers is almost achieved. They “proved” to the Kremlin their “innocence” by helping solve the murder, and giving up the lowest link. Even if anyone of the performers realized anything, their testimony would be inconsistent, and the investigation will not believe them.

Aslan Alkhanov, the closest connection to the customers, is dead. Some investigators have come to the easy conclusion, and don’t want to dig further. But I will continue this investigation. As opposed to authors of theories, I have facts. Let’s see how stubborn they are.

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