FSB Director Bortnikov announces arrests in Nemtsov case



FSB Director Bortnikov announces arrests in Nemtsov case

By J.Hawk

This news was reported by several Russian media organizations, each of which provided some of the details of the investigation.

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The arrested are Anzur Gubashev, his younger brother Shagid Gubashev, Zaur Dadayev, and Rustam Yusupov. All four appear to be natives of Ingushetia. They were arrested in the Republic of Ingushetia by FSB Special Operations troops. Dadayev served with the rank of Sergeant (though some reports claim he was the deputy commander) in the Sever [North] battalion of the Republic of Chechnya Interior Troops. Yusupov served in the same unit. Anzur Gubashev worked in a private security firm providing protection for supermarkets, his younger brother worked as a truck driver. None of the four were sought in connection with any other crimes. The suspects were delivered to Moscow. Some reports indicate they have already confessed to the crime.

The evidence that led to the arrests was gathered through technical means, including video surveillance and dashboard camera recordings, as well as cell phone activity analysis of the area where the murder took place. They enabled the investigators to identify and ultimately locate the car used by the killers to leave the scene of the crime, then connect it to individuals who were using it that night. Some reports indicate the investigators had found DNA from the killers in the car.

Moreover, the investigators had secured testimony from several other individuals who were in the area at the time of the murder, including members of Russian law enforcement and security agencies who were on duty. They were used, together with various video recordings, to provide the investigators with portraits of the killers. The suspects will go through a police line-up in which the eyewitnesses will attempt to identify them.

Anna Duritskaya in the meantime had requested, and received, the protection of Ukrainian Interior Ministry upon her return to Kiev. Something similar was offered to her while in Moscow, but she turned it down. It was also reported that, in addition to Duritskaya, Nemtsov had a
long-standing relationship with Zamira Duguzheva, a native of
Karachayevo-Cherkessia, whom Nemtsov used to call his “Caucasus kitten.”

The investigation is still working on ascertaining who ordered the killing.  The investigators are looking at a variety of theories, including that Nemtsov’s murder was ordered from outside of Russia.

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