How to do business American style: Humvees for Ukrnafta

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March 30, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Weapons, money, conflict of the oligarchs and foreign control of Ukraine

After reading the news about the delivery of Humvees (military Hummers as they are called) to Ukraine, and even with “precision weapons” as Poroshenko said, it begged a question. For what services did the USA suddenly gift Ukraine with equipment and illegal lethal weapons? For this you need money, plans for the suppression of Donbass, etc. How else then? Americans themselves never paid for their geopolitical interests. More precisely, did not pay for many many years. There must be a trade-off, which the junta simply doesn’t have.

My question was answered by Arseny Yatsenyuk:

29.03.2015 21:07 Kiev

The Prime Minister of the junta, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, made a statement on the national TV channel:

“There is one and only approach to public companies – the state is restoring its management, we respect the rights of other shareholders, we receive and distribute dividends, we install new, high-quality foreign management.

According to him, this will prevent the new leadership from giving preferences to their “cousin-uncle-brother.”

Yatsenyuk confirmed that this applies to “Ukrnafta”, “Ukrtransnafta”, “Ukrtatnafta” and all other companies.

Do you get this? These companies must now pass under foreign control. It is those companies that were at the essence of the conflict between “Benya” Kolomoisky and Peter Poroshenko. This are almost the last companies that produce consistent super-profits. For this you would trade 76 Humvees, wouldn’t you?

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