How to talk like Kolomoisky and the war of the oligarchs


March 23, 2015
Kristina Rus

Kolomoisky was approached by reporters from Radio Svoboda on the night of March 19 to March 20, 2015 at UkrTransNafta:

Q. (to the men in uniform): What division is this? Do you have weapons in your bags? 

Q. to Kolomoisky: Mr. Kolomoisky, Radio Svoboda, please tell us what is a governor doing here at night?

Kolomoisky: To see you, f$ck. There is no other way to see your face, Radio Svoboda. Why don’t you ask how UkrTransNafta was taken over? How the Russian diversants got here? Why don’t you ask that? Or you f#cken have to see Kolomoisky? We freed the building of Ukrtransnafta from Russian diversants. And you with your Svoboda are sitting here and waiting, like a chick waiting for her husband. Did you shut up, or do you want to ask about my passports? Or any other questions? Ask about the Russian diversants, why didn’t you catch any? Radio Svoboda, you are the same Svoboda, as the one that didn’t get in the parliament, Tyagnibok prostitute.

Q.: Did you check the documents? What did they show? 

Kolomoisky: The documents showed that there was no voting by the Cabinet of Ministers, no voting from Naftogas, there are no documents. Under the guise of police it was some private security company. Broke in, broke windows, traumatized people, broke an arm. Now they disappeared. A typical attempt of a take over of a state enterprise.

And what I am doing here I will tell you later in court. Do you understand, Svoboda? Why are you so quiet? Do you have any more questions, or did you stuff your tongue in your @ss? Tell me, you are the famous Radio Svoboda that broke apart the Soviet Union, toppled the bolsheviks, propagated OUN-UPA. What are you waiting for – passports, or used condoms? Where is the #sshole Leshenko? Are you going to show this on your TV or your Internet?!

Hello!!! I am going to the President with these papers. And with his security company, which supposedly stormed it. Because everyone says: Demchisin came and said “I have orders from above!” From whom above? Who allowed you to take over a state enterprise, violating the procedure. The PM went to Brussels, Kobalev left, no one is around, you decided to take over a company? Nothing else left to take?  You didn’t steal all the enterprises, now you have to take this one? Why are you so quiet? Who did I see there? When I got there, I didn’t see anyone. Then came Demchishin, Savchenko and the new one, the belly guy from SBU. I asked him, where did you work, he said – in SBU, Lugansk region. I told him go liberate Lugansk region, why did you come to Transnafta, here everything is fine. And he is in SBU of Lugansk region. He doesn’t want to liberate Crimea, he doesn’t want to liberate Lugansk region. He came to make money here. Miroshnik. Appointed himself. 

Q.: Who do you think is behind this?

Kolomoisky: I don’t know. I was told – Kanonenko. One of the leaders of BPP faction (Bloc of Petro Poroshenko). Now I am going to the President’s administration, to sort out the papers, who is standing behind this.

Q.: And what is the security company?

Kolomoisky: It’s called Kiev Varta of Security, something like that. But they left quick. Young, normal, proper guys without weapons. I asked them, who are you, they said, we are Miroshnik’s security. Where is the contract for security? There is no contract.  I told them – you better leave the territory, and they did. Then I asked some people, they said, they were sent by Kanonenko. 

Who is Kanonenko? Is he a minister, or director of the parliament, or the new president? I know he did interviews with you, Svoboda,  or Ukrainian Pravda. Ask him what his people are doing here? 

I already answered that question. Do you want a personal answer? Put down the camera, let’s go around the corner, I will explain it to you. What else are you waiting for? Who else wants a commentary? What, did you wake up?

Q.: What do you want to talk about with the president? 

Kolomoisky: I want to ask a question, how in the center of Kiev a strategic take over of a company by Russian diversants is possible? Under his name, under his cover. 


March 21, 2015

Da Dzi:

The conflict of Poroshenko and Kolomoisky around “Ukrtransnafta” began rough…

1) On March 19, the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the law on joint stock companies, which deprived Kolomoisky of control “Ukrnafta”.

2) The Chairman of the Board of “Ukrtransnafta” Aleksandr Lazorko, a person of Kolomoisky was suspended.

3) Reaction of the oligarch was quick – Benya Kolomoisky came with a group of gunmen to Ukrtransnafta”, blocked the entrance and called the Minister of Energy, Demchishin, “to the floor”. What is pretty original – a Governor arrives with gunmen to “press” a state enterprise, and to calm him comes the Minister of Energy.

4) The Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, pointedly ignored the situation.

5) During negotiations Kolomoisky openly hinted that in Kiev there are 2000 of his fighters who will be able to convince everyone to behave correctly and well.

The media, controlled by Kolomoisky, (“TSN”, “UNIAN”) has released information that National Guard is pulling to Dnepropetrovsk: the soldiers will need to prevent riots in the case Kolomoysky will be fired from his pos of Governor of the region. While the National Guard said that they never heard about this. But direct and unequivocal hint from oligarch Kolomoisky to oligarch Poroshenko was received. 

Kolomoisky stated that he made a deal with Poroshenko: “We agreed with the President and Prime Minister that Miroshnik would not perform the checks in Ukrtransnafta. The common position is to involve in this process the big four: Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young and KPMG. And let them check it out. And then at the end to make conclusions.”

And about his faithful man Lazorko, who defended the interests of the owner, tycoon Kolomoisky said: “If violations is found, I believe, Lazorko must be rewarded. Because he has kept this oil, because he is a patriot. But the company he will not return, he resents this situation, but we are such a valuable frame find where to place”. 


March 21, 2015

Oleg Tsarev

Family fight or a bloody divorce – Kolomoisky vs. Poroshenko

If oil and gas belongs to the people, then why is it so expensive?

Besides greed, dishonesty and incompetence of the organizers of the “orange revolution”, a big role in its discreditation played the conflict between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. Americans perfectly understand it, therefore, repeatedly warned the current Ukrainian elite that they need to bury the internal contradictions. John Kerry talked about this, and the third Maidan was cancelled thanks to his arrival, scheduled on Maidan anniversary.

 Nevertheless, the confrontation between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky is ready to erupt into open war. 

Kolomoisky may bury another American project the same way it was done by the confrontation of Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. Only now, given the current Ukrainian realities, this war may not be limited to a mudslinging battle, but might turn into an armed confrontation. The parties are ready for this development, that is why today there are so many spetsnaz forces in the center of Kiev, involving territorial battalions Kiev-1 and Kiev-2. It is also known that the internal troops are ready to head to Dnepropetrovsk. Igor Kolomoisky brought his volunteer battalions to combat readiness . Let me remind you, now they include up to fifteen thousand fighters, and a few days ago Kolomoisky gave the order to triple their number.

Control of “Ukrnafta” and “Ukrtransnafta” is extremely important to Kolomoisky, not only because he is used to control these state structures, that he considers them his own, but also because the change of leadership would inevitably lead to questions about the many abuses committed by his team. Discarding questions about Ukrnafta, which was plundered long and seriously, the fraud just at Ukrtransnafta could number two billion dollars. Though the value stolen may be less then a billion dollars, but the damage from pumping water instead of oil through the pipeline for winterizing, which according to experts, led to disrepair, will cost a billion dollars and, perhaps, not one. The purpose of the night’s seizure of the office of “Ukrtransnafta” is not only a desire to secure the further possibility of plunder, but also an attempt to cover up the crime. They say overnight several truckloads of documents were taken from the office. Because, as investigators say: “no body, no case”. The investigation of economic crimes is extremely complicated in the absence of documents. In order to steal them, deputies who are under the control of Kolomoisky were sent, and personally Igor V. arrived. I don’t remember him so publicly under cameras to be involved without sending his vassals, so only a desperate situation would get Kolomoisky to personally participate in this operation – a threat of criminal prosecution, a threat of arrest in criminal case against him and his business assets.

As of yesterday evening, a compromise was found that the head of “Ukrtransnafta” appointed by the President, will assume the responsibilities of, but either there will be no investigation, or  it will be conducted by international audit companies. But either the hope that the foreign auditors do not work quickly, or a third Maidan will occur by the time they are finished, or the militia will liberate Kiev – I don’t know. Does it mean that Kolomoisky, Yatsenyuk, and Poroshenko have agreed to plunder the country all together? Only time will show.

Only one thing is obvious. The country is broke. To save their income the oligarchs and representatives of the Ukrainian authorities will be forced to engage in conflicts. The level of confrontation is growing. The United States will have to openly, intervene in the management of Ukraine. And already, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, not hiding, said that he was involved in resolving the conflict, and the Deputy Sergey Leshchenko said that the order for the change of management of the company came from Washington.


Latest developments:

Kolomoisky blocked $50 million on Poroshenko accounts in Privat Bank, in response to a letter of reprimand from Poroshenko “for breaking the rules of business ethics”.

Poroshenko ordered to disarm the [Kolomoisky] security, guarding Ukrnafta headquarters. 

Avakov: “Only state agencies are allowed to carry weapons”

SBU is suspecting Kolomoisky in funding illegal armed groups. 

Nalivaichenko: “Illegal crime group funded by the top leadership of Dnepropetrovsk region is connected to a killing of SBU agent”

PS This is spiraling out of control, so more updates will follow soon…

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