Ilovaysk–Debaltsevo–Mariupol? Zakharchenko’s warning to Poroshenko



Cauldron-3: From Debaltsevo to Mariupol?

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

DPR head Aleksandr Zakharchenko said that in the event
Ukraine resumes combat operations, it will suffer yet another cauldron, this
time around Mariupol.

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“There were two cauldrons already. We’ll have to give them a
third one so that they understand they should stop doing bad things. One has to
think before doing,” Zakharchenko said at a briefing in Novoazovsk. He
emphasized that self-defense forces will act “pre-emptively.

Zakharchenko yet again called on Kiev to withdraw remaining
heavy weapons from the demarcation line and strictly abide by the letter of
Minsk Agreements.

“As of right now we are fully observing Minsk Agreements. We
withdrew our equipment. We are preparing for the sowing season. We are leading a
peaceful life, we intend to do everything necessary to ensure peaceful
existence. Ukraine, on the other hand, which had gotten used to trying to solve
its problems through war, will sooner or later lose the whole country,”
Zakharchenko added.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Zakharchenko had already warned before that should Minsk-2 fail, there will not be a Minsk-3. Certainly not with the current Kiev government. Zakharchenko also noted that, according to Minsk-2, Kiev must complete the withdrawal of heavy weapons within two days, and then start implementing the political aspects of the agreement, including the establishment of political relations with Novorossia, adopting a law giving it a special status, and other related provisions. Which Kiev shows no sign of even pretending to implement.

Instead, Poroshenko is going around making statements that the UAF are working to re-establish combat readiness. We’ll find out soon enough whether the leash on which the IMF is keeping Ukraine is short enough.

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