Kharkov resistance leader talks about what happened in Kharkov


March 17, 2015

Translated by Krisitna Rus

The representatives of Kharkov resistance gathered in Donetsk Republic to talk about the current situation in Kharkov. 

– Please tell us about the moods in Kharkov, their attitude towards LPR and DPR, and specifically towards your activities

Demchenko, Vladimir Aleksandrovich: 

– What does Kharkov looks like at this moment:

 When they began to arrest us, and they arrested us in troves since May, June, they arrested all of the leaders, all, and all the activists. And people were just left on their own.

Kharkov did not fall, Kharkov did not go on its knees. Kharkov will not go on its knees.

We were first. We were first on March 1st, and we had expected a lot more from ourselves. I and my friends with these hands gave the power to our deputies, to the Party of Regions, who we were 100% confident in. Sergey Ivanovich Chernov accepted the power from my hands, I gave him the entire regional administration building. 

In two days we were betrayed. No one had expected it. And the mass arrests began. Of leaders and activists.

Now that they had let more then half out, Kharkov is beginning to rise.

Of course, its not easy, SBU had learned how to work. Trust me, they did.

Right now there are about 200 people behind bars in Kharkov, that’s besides those who are in prisons.

Kharkov will not be put on it’s knees.

If you want to ask us the percentage, my personal opinion – its 70 to 30.

There are scumbags in Kharkov, such as Biletsky, who is my personal enemy.

There are bastards, such as Khoma, who betrayed us at his time, who quickly changed his shoes for the orange slippers. He let those young morons into the regional administration building, who we had to chase out of there.

There are scumbags, but Kharkov will not be on its knees.

We just need a signal, a spark.

Kharkov will be with us here.

South-East without Kharkov is not South-East. This is my personal opinion, and I am convinced of it.

There are some issues – communication is difficult, everything is being listened to, everything is watched.

Even here, when I came here yesterday, I was told there will be some SBU agents who will take pictures of us. But we are not afraid of this. And this is why we say: the Kharkov resistance movement exists. Exists optimally, exists de jure, exists de facto, to the fullest extent.

– Hello to Kharkov! Guys, everything will be OK! Soon, everything will be fine!

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