Kiev junta cleaning the field? Seven high profile suicides in Ukraine in one month.

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March 12, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

The seventh “suicide” for the month: Ukraine lost another former member of the “Party of Regions”

экс-губернатор Запорожской области и экс-член Партии регионов Александр Пеклушенко. Иллюстрация: zp.comments.…The ex-governor of Zaporozhzhye region and former member of the Party of Regions, Alexander Peklushenko committed suicide. This was reported at the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Zaporozhye region.

“Alexander Peklushenko committed suicide at his home in the village of Solnechnoye. At the moment the investigative team is working on the scene”, – said the report.

The death of the former “regional” was confirmed by the advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Geraschenko, on channel “112-Ukraine”. Gerashchenko also said that Peklushenko was supposed to be charged in connection with cracking down on Euromaidan protests in Zaporozhye.

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This is already the seventh suicide among the former officials and members of the Party of Regions in Ukraine in a month. Earlier, ex-member of the Party of Regions and a former head of the State Property Fund, Mikhail Chechetov, died after falling from the window of his apartment [on the same day as Nemtsov’s murder – KR]. The official version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – suicide. At the end of August 2014 another former head of the State Property Fund, Valentyna Semenyuk, was found dead. In addition, in the recent month, a number of former and current officials committed suicide in Ukraine – the former deputy head of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, Nicholai Sergienko, former head of Kharkov regional council, Nikolai Kolesnik, ex-mayor of Melitopol, Sergey Valter, deputy chief of Melitopol police, Sergey Bordyuga, and former MP, Stanislav Melnik.

Watch Alexander Peklushenko being humiliated and kicked out from a municipal building:

Kristina Rus:

While it is plausible that some former officials could not live with the burden of humiliation from lustration and prosecution by the Kiev junta and chose to take their own life, bloggers and analysts point out that the Kiev junta is cleaning the field from any potential leaders who could head local resistance or support potential future anti-junta authorities.

While the European Parliament demands an independent investigation of Nemtsov’s murder, watch it completely ignore much more numerous murders and suicides in Ukraine.

According to one analyst who spoke on Russian TV, the number of political prisoners in Ukraine is now at 3,000 people.

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