Kiev junta goes from fighting with statues to fighting with graves


Monument to General Vatutin in Kiev

March 17, 2015
Da Dzi
Translated by Kristina Rus

“Euro-maidanites” continue the war on monuments. And on memory. 

Now they chose a new target – General Vatutin, commander of the 1st Ukrainian front before his death in 1944. Troops under his command actively participated in the crossing of the Dnieper, the defense of Voronezh, the liberation of the left-bank and right-bank Ukraine.

“Now these unshaven Europeans descended to outright blackmail and telephone terrorism. The victim is Elena Nikolaevna Vatutin – 85-year-old daughter of the General, Hero of the Soviet Union, Nikolai Vatutin.” – (Antifascist)

Recently in the house of Elena Nikolaevna in Prague, where she has lived for many years, a phone rang from the office of the National Security and Defense Council [of course, it’s a matter of National security – Putin’s agent in stone in the heart of Kiev! – KR] and some gray mouse from the servants of Turchynov immediately announced: in Mikhailosky Park in Kiev a dismantling of the monument is planned. They know how to demolish monuments in Ukraine. But in this case we are talking about the exhumation of the remains of the hero, as the memorial was erected at the burial site of the General.

Kiev authorities are planning to destroy the monument before the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. But as the exhumation is possible only with the consent of the relatives, the National Security Council is trying to impress Europe and to “knock out” consent from the daughter of the famous General. The attitude is cynical and indifferent: “You can take it yourself, and do what you want. If not – we will dig it up, and send it to a crematorium. The monument belongs at a landfill.”

General Vatutin does not fit into the new “heroes” of Ukraine. He commanded the Ist Ukrainian front, whose troops in 1943 liberated Kiev from Nazi occupation. And the General was killed by a subversive group of the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army). On February 29, 1944, N. F. Vatutin, along with his escort left on two vehicles to the location of the 60th army to check the progress of preparation for the next operation. At the entrance to one of the villages “the vehicles came under fire from subversive groups of the UPA. N. F. Vatutin, jumping out of the car, together with the officers exchanged fire, during which he was wounded in the thigh.” Despite surgery and the use of the latest treatment of penicillin Vatutin developed gas gangrene. The doctors led by Professor Shamov suggested amputation as the only means of salvation of the wounded, but Vatutin refused. He could not be saved.

And now the descendants of the “heroes” of the UPA can not forget the Soviet hero.

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