Kolomoisky stand off heats up at Odessa Oil Refinery


March 23, 2015
Domosed1945, Ukrainian blogger
Translated by Kristina Rus

The Odessa oil refinery (NPZ) workers reported that there are fifty armed men at the factory. Who are they? They say it is the punisher battalion Dnepr-1. What mission do these militants have at the Odessa enterprise? By the way, the current owner pan Kurchenko does not have his own army of loyal and ruthless guard dogs [“dogs” refers to the Right Sector – KR]. Did he borrow them from the famous feudal Lord?

The employees of the company think quite differently: here, besides the fighters are also civillians and their mission is not constructive! The goal – is the dismantling and removal of the most valuable equipment and supplies of oil products.


I.e. the people of Kolomoisky are preparing for the flight from Odessa, under the good traditions of marauders, grabbing the most valuable property from the local population.

And surely no one in town will protect the interests of the citizens, many of whom are fed by this famous plant!

Of course, you cannot count on ALPHA of the SBU – for several weeks these valiant fighters against separatists are sweeping the Nikolaev and Kherson regions from undesirables.

May be Odessans can count on other law enforcement agencies? Could… if the law enforcement chiefs were not Avakov and Katerynchuk!

Who will dare to quarrel with Benya because of some Kurchenko? And as for the fate of the citizens of this “separatist” city, the care for them does not extend beyond attempts to take their last, and to sent the naked and the hungry to the trenches of Debaltsevo or Izvarino.

Would anyone dare to shout: help, robbery!

Silence in response…

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