Kolomoisky vs. Poroshenko: Kiev junta split into two camps because of a secret Minsk protocol?


March 23, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

It happened. The junta finally split into two camps. Benny yesterday went all in. Poroshenko accepted the game. Today was very eventful. 

1. Nalyvaychenko accused the circle of Kolomoisky of involvement in the murder of SBU captain.

2. Poroshenko ordered to disarm all armed guards near the office of “Ukrnafta”.

3. Continuing the theme, Poroshenko said:

“Territorial defense will obey the clear military vertical of power and no Governor will be allowed to have his own pocket UAF (armed forces of Ukraine).

4. In response to this four deputies withdrew from the faction of PPB (Peter Porosjhenko Bloc): Korban, Liynyl, Filatov, Denisenko and made a statement:

Peter Poroshenko has decided to implement one of the decisions of the secret protocol of the Minsk agreements. In it was the item on the destruction of the “Right Sector”.

“I hope it’s not true. But there are doubts, based on the reaction and persecution,” – said the deputy governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Gennady Korban, stressing that “against him there are 8 criminal cases, and none against the deputies of the Opposition bloc”.

“Putin broke his teeth on Dnepropetrovsk region, Poroshenko will break them too. I’m out of the party. We invite all to the new veche (popular assembly) on Wednesday at 18:00 on the square of Heroes of Maidan. Petro Poroshenko has no relation to the revolution of dignity. He is afraid of the third maidan, but actually the second revolution is not over yet”.

5. A complete list of claims to the authorities was announced by Deputy Kupriy.

The Kiev regime has long been going towards this split. At the end of last year only the US intervening in oligarchic quarrels was able to keep the imaginary unity of the Maidan. But today even they were powerless (or vice versa – managing the process of demolition of the junta).  

The question of autocracy is relevant to any power: whether it’s the junta, or whether it’s LDNR. LDNR was dealing with issues of autocracy since the fall. Mostly successfully, but there are problems. Now Poroshenko decided to deal with this problem.

Kolomoisky, who is unwelcome on the ship of power, is not just going to go away. Against him is the state apparatus. But he is not what he was a year ago. Plus the popularity of Poroshenko is moving towards zero. People are tired of war and all that is connected with it (death, poverty, lack of prospects). The army is tired of constant betrayals, which are associated with military leaders loyal to the President. Thus Kolomoisky has a chance. He went for an open rebellion against Kiev. His trumps are the Right Sector and other “volunteers”, whom Kiev sentenced to slaughter, and PrivatBank, which can crash the finances of Ukraine. 

In any case, the dice is cast. Any coup lives by its own laws. It must escalate. Anyone who will slack and backs off, will be swept away and crushed. The coming days will clarify who is better prepared to fight.

P. S. This battle could have happened in November-December, February, but each time the puppeteers delayed it. Apparently now is the time. It is important that the initiator is Poroshenko. Kolomoisky actually is only defending himself. Benya [Kolomoisky] cancelled his coup in February (on the order from Washington).

PPS An important indication of victory will be the kneeling proclamations of loyal followers. For now everyone is frozen and waiting, afraid to bet on the wrong side, which indicates some uncertainty of the situation. Kolomoisky needs to raise the stakes and to be half a step ahead. Otherwise, he will lose. For Poroshenko to win it will be enough to stop the attempts of the opponent in the early days.

PPPS It is noteworthy that Kolomoisky and his underlings began to make quite socialist slogans about nationalization of unlawfully privatized property.


Mark Gordienko:

I remember how Kolomoisky’s appointment saved the country. How Dnepropetrovsk became a fortress, I remember how Odessa breathed with hope [crediting Kolomoisky for Odessa massacre? – KR]

I am convinced that one of the conditions of the Minsk agreement is to destroy Putin’s personal enemy – Benya.

Putin is not afraid, but is amused by the militant bunny [Yatsenyuk] and the candy king. And all the firtashs-levochkins-akhmetovs are just his personal slaves.

The scumbag Yeremeev with his gang are just refurbished bastards. Stalin described these people well: you are like an apple – red on the outside, white on the inside.

There is no doubt that these #ssholes will give up the country, without blinking an eye, and cheaper then for 30 silver coins.

But Benya wouldn’t.

This is why the howl of the journalists, who don’t see any enemies, besides Benya, is not journalism, it’s a contract killing.  

I agree that we should deal with Benya as an oligarch, but he should be last in line. 

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