Kolomoysky’s next steps: “Servant of the People, Father to the Soldiers”



Kolomoysky’s next steps: “Servant of the People, Father tothe Soldiers”

By Da_Dzi

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The personal assistant of Igor Kolomoysky, Boris “hang them
later” Filatov revealed some of the plans of the bandit-oligarch. Naturally,
Kolomoysky will not take this sitting down and keep quiet.

The emotional Borka Filatov even changed the appearance of
his facebook, in order to express his sadness over the recent events. The
photograph of “sad Borka” and the fence—all of that’s beautiful. Naturally, all
of the wondrous schemes which Korban and Filatov were not even particularly
hiding, the merry free-for-all which spoiled them for over a year, are coming
to an end. Now every step will have to be coordinated with Poroshenko. Or, I
should say, Poroshenko thinks they will coordinate with him.

1. Boris Filatov: “Instead of integrating
workaholics-professionals into the state power structure, they are being sent
into retirement. Granted, an honorable retirement. Instead of sharing political
responsibility for the mass impoverishment of the people, they are being
allowed to leave as national heroes. Yes, very far-sighted…”

2. Boris Filatov: “I didn’t want to write, but anyways. So
that the scum don’t celebrate. The Governor of the Dnepropetrovsk Region
offered a resignation. The President accepted it. The resignation ceremony was wholly proper. All authority will be transferred to
Valentin Reznichenko at his convenience. On Saturday there will be a concert-rally “For United Ukraine”. It will include an annual report by
Kolomoysky’s team. There will be Rada deputies, public opinion leaders,
volunteer fighters, volunteer helpers, and the new governor. We are inviting
all of our supporters. From all of Ukraine. Let’s stop drinking valerian and show
the entire world that we can be civilized people for whom the country is above
our ambitions. Don’t give reasons for our enemies, internal and external, to

The annual report, invitations to supporters from all of
Ukraine, departing as national heroes.

Now it’s clear why the “assembly” has morphed into a  “rally”, and was moved from Wednesday to
Saturday. It will be a show. Grateful citizens, tears on patriots’ faces. “Kolomoysky,
come back.” The stern but kind Kolomoysky, loyal Korban and Filatov next to

Kolomoysky is transitioning into the “heroes of the people”
and opposition to Poroshenko. Many accusations, denials, and behind-the-scenes
battles await us.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Poroshenko definitely won this one, though
not decisively, and possibly it was a pyrrhic victory. To paraphrase LBJ, is Poroshenko
better off with Kolomoysky in the tent pissing out, or outside the tent
pissing into it? It’s also interesting that Yatsenyuk put in a very convincing performance as the Invisible Man during the whole opera, as if trying to wait out the storm and then come
out on the side of the winner. Typical Yatsenyuk, but also indicative of the
still-real power of Kolomoysky. For that power to be broken, Poroshenko would have to go after his Privat parts, with all the risk that entails for the
country’s economy.

In other words, Poroshenko would have to do Kolomoysky as
Putin did Khodorkovsky: loss of business, public humiliation, prison. That
would send the message who is really in charge. The fact that Filatov and
Korban are sticking to Kolomoysky suggests their boss suffered a tactical
defeat, but nothing more. He still controls Ukraine’s biggest financial empire,
and through it much of Ukraine’s politics. But now, as Filatov pointedly
suggested, he no longer shares responsibility with Poroshenko for what happens
to the country…

…while in the meantime Ukraine’s credit rating is being downgraded even further and the number of striking and demonstrating coal miners in Western Ukraine reaches 20 thousand

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