LIVE UPDATES: Konstantinovka Revolt. Ukrainian soldiers, who ran over the kids, were drunk


March 16, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

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On March 16, a Ukrainian military BMP ran over a mother and her two children (including one infant in a stroller), standing on a sidewalk at 14:30 local time in Konstantinovka. Eight year old girl Polina was killed immediately.

The 8 year-old girl killed in Konstantinovka on March 16, 2015

Reports indicated that the driver of the BMP was speeding, some reported he was drunk.


The residents of Konstantinovka took to the streets.

In isolation this incident may not have caused such a reaction, but looks like it was the last straw in a series of incidents which this town went through over the last year (like many more other towns), which we may not be aware of, as well as a dire social-economic situation in the country – all of which are caused by the new Kiev authorities.

The people rightfully feel that they should not expect any justice from the authorities, and took matters into their own hands. Completely irrational, but very human and organic.

The only problem is – how can the unarmed residents stand up against the Ukrainian army?

Tomorrow we should expect harsh crack downs from the Ukrainian authorities in Konstantinovka and other towns. Arrests, torture, and deaths. The SBU will be studying these tapes, and rounding people up. Knocking on doors, taking fathers, husbands and sons away, sometimes never to be seen again…

This is the first city-wide revolt behind the Kiev front line in a year since the overthrow of the Ukrainian government.

The Kiev junta may be able to choke this protest, but its days are numbered nevertheless, and this is just a taste of what’s to come. 

The Kiev junta will loose, but it will take many lives before that time comes…


Video of the crowd trying to attack Ukrainian soldiers fleeing the scene of the accident:

The crowd blocks the street, calling for OSCE and yelling “Get out of Donbass”:

Video of Ukrainian military bus and a police car on fire:


2015-03-17 00-28-09 Хуёвый Цинковый (@zinkoviy)   Твиттер - Google Chrome

Ukrainian source:

“The soldiers were drunk. The crowd almost tore them to pieces. The woman is alive. A child in the stroller and the 8 year-old girl are dead”

(Some reports indicate the woman died in the hospital)

2015-03-17 00-10-31 Хуёвый Цинковый (@zinkoviy)   Твиттер - Google Chrome

“BTR hit a woman with child to death. A lot of people. Vata [Russians] will go wild!”

Yes, Ukrainian nationalists don’t go wild when drunk out of control soldiers in uniform run over women and children, because they are subhuman. They only get upset, when other “vata” are rightfully angry.


Seva Riga:


“The crowd is setting the dorms on fire!”

“Burn the vata!” (Russians)

“Where are the cops?”

“Why are they not shooting at katsap [Russian] bastards? Where is our pride? Death to the blue-faced slaves!”

“They are not human!”

“Kill and lynch vata [Russians]!

Kill cruelly and cynically. Death tot he Russian world.” 


“Why are they running around with their kids? They should sit in basements, and not walk the streets!”

“They should run over all of these morons, from kids to the old”

“There are no people there. They are katsap sheep” 


“Vata, vata, vata [Cotton, cotton, cotton – meaning “Russians”]”

“They should do a round into the crowd from a BTR”

“I would shoot up all of this katsap mop, and there would be no conflict, no screams, no flipping cars”



Deputy Police Chief of Donetsk Republic (from Ukrainian side), Ilya Kiva, about the investigation of the murder of Polina from Konstantinovka:


Ilya Kiva: “Vata into the ground!” (Meaning “bury all the Russians!)

Ilya Kiva






Updates from Cont:



Report from Ukr. media:

The occupants of the BMP, which hit a woman with children in Konstantinovka was taken to Kramatorsk, because of the intentions of locals to take matters into their own hands 


“A woman ran over by a BMP of the punishers died in the hospital”

Ukrainian trolls take to the internet:

“No one came out on the streets in Donetsk after accidents with military vehicles”


Report from locals:

The photo of these scum, remember them. For those who still doubted that UAF are killers of children: 



Kotik Megavatnik:

“Maidanites are blaming Putin and FSB for the death of Polina:”

Maksim Komarov:

“Petr Alekseevich Poroshenko promised to take the situation under his control. Go home, don’t dance under the trumpet of FSB and Putin, who essentially organized this provocation with the death of a girl and the resulting paid protest”


Gorbachenko Sergey posted to the Right Sector, blaming the residents for the tragedy:

“Condolences to the parents of the girl. When innocent children die, you get a knot in your throat, but what to do with this: “According to the source of “Ukrainian News” in Konstantinovka city council, the BMP lost control, when a group of residents with anti-Ukrainian sentiments began to throw stones at the passing UAF column”

These vatno-colorado bastards should get their teeth knocked out, according to “martial law” … these bastards brought suffering to another family … there are no Minsk agreements, none … “

Looks like a cover story has already been invented! – KR


People are burning Ukrainian military equipment:



Report from a local:

An SUV with the Right Sector blew up on a mine. Looks like everyone is dead


Report from locals:

“Konstantinovka. Right Sector BMPs have arrived! To murder people with large caliber machine guns. If no one helps us, there will be a night of long knives in Konstantinovka, a real night of long knives! Help! Ukri on the streets!” 


“Konstantinovka. Mayhem at school #7, where the Ukrainian occupants set up the barracks and weapons warehouses. People are breaking into the doors and setting up fires, chanting slogans and throwing stones and bottles at Ukrainian Nazis. Incendiary substances are being used.”


Konstantinovka pogrom:

“A#$holes! F#cken soldier! Go f#ck yourselves! Get the f#ck out of here, b%ch, f#cken ukrops, fascists! Killers! Bastards!”


Ukrainian military vehicles on the streets:

Oksana Marchenko: 

People are screaming: ” Burn the occupants, like they burned people in Odessa!” and “Chase bandera bastards to Kiev” #Konstantinovka #ATO #Ukraine

Ukrops, you will answer for Konstantinovka!

The brotherhood of  “Khmury”


The protesters have two wounded, the revolt continues. There are some sucesses. The main evenrs are unfolding near school #7

Yulia Kazakova:

In #Konstantinovka a girl was run over by ATO soldier, and they are blaming Russia.. I don’t get it…


The Liberator:

“The f$ck ups are amassing for the tragedy in Konstantinovka. They have been waiting for blood since winter”:

F$cked- up Lvov:

“Left for Kramatorsk with Lvov Right Sector. Then to Konstantinovka. Wait for me, vata! I will take off your scalps! Long live Bandera!”


Report from a local resident Yegor:

There are wounded among the protesters. There were shots from a window into the crowd.

Chanel 112 Ukraine:

Light armored vehicles are going to Konstantinovka from Artemovsk. Two helicopters going from Kramatorsk.


Law enforcement is allowed to shoot to kill, “if someone in Konstantinovka uses the motor vehicle accident involving a BMP for mass clashes. This was announced on channel “112 Ukraine” by the MP from the faction of the Popular Front, Anton Geraschenko. “If someone in Kostantinovka with arms in their hands will protest against the laws of the Ukrainian authorities, using this accident to instigate mass clashes, then first one warning shot will be made, and then they will shoot to kill. If there is no time to give a warning, they will be shooting to kill immediately. Nobody is allowed to undermine the Ukrainian government with arms on the territory of Ukraine [except the junta themselves – KR] All necessary actions, reinforcement, orders have been sent to Konstantinovka directed, the situation there will be normalized and will continue to remain the same,” – he said.


“Putin, Donbass is waiting!” – written on the “Konstantinovka” sign, painted in the colors of the Russian flag at the entrance to the town


Report from a local resident:

A number of streets are blocked, barb wire is being used, anti-tank defenses are erected, more people are arriving


The Liberator:

“Ukrainian scientists from the Polish ciy of Rovno found a diplomatic solution for the conflict in #Konstantinovka:

F#cked Up Rovno:

“F$cken hit Konstantinovka with Javelines, we don’t give a f%ck”


Report from local resident Yegor:

Kiev Nazis apprehended three people, people are demanding to return the captured


Report from blogger Maximus:

Tomorrow, the terrorists from the national guard will sweep the town. Armored vehicles are on the way to #Konstantinovka. About 300 Ukrainian Nazis are coming from Chasy Yara to Konstantinovka.


Report from Kramatorsk resident:

A helicopter left Kramatorsk in the direction of Konstantinovka



Shooting in Konstantinovka, at 22:30


Report from a local, Yegor:

A thousand enraged people are destroying everything, flipping over military vehicles, set the medical school dormitory (were Ukrainian soldiers are staying) on fire, beating the soldiers, and I think it is only the beginning. Our people will not put up with this


Local Yegor:

Even those who used to support the Ukrainian military are on our side, probably realized what’s going on


Reaction from Ukrainians:

Igor Ivanov:

“Konstantinovka wants war. It will get it”



“The guilty in Konstantinovka are not arrested: It’s Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Paruby, Yarosh, Klichko and 40 thousand more scum, who started Maidan”



Message from Konstantinovka:

“SBU and the dormitory are captured! BMD is ours, weapons, helmets, body armor is all ours. Storming the HQ.”

“DPR Flag raised over the SBU. There are a couple of the wounded”


Video from the accident:


Comment to the video: The locals are breaking windows in a military dormitory:


People are chanting: “[email protected]#holes!”


The city streets are filled with people immediately after the accident:


Ukrainian military dorms set on fire:


Video from the accident site:



The people surrounded UAF barracks. Shots are heard near the school #7, where a few minutes ago arrived a large crowd of angry citizens. UAF are standing with guns near their base, shooting into the air. Protesters at the moment burned 1 “bobik” (police car) and 1 UAF bus. After running over the pedestrians, the drunk UAF soldiers fled the scene of an accident in a taxi. According to unconfirmed information, the woman taken to hospital after the accident, had died.”

In Kostyantynivka people are not only not going home, but more are joining the crowd, who did not yet know about today’s event.

People are flipping over and burning the vehicles of Ukrainian Nazis. Glass is broken in the barracks, doors are burning.

Enraged masses are arming with whatever they can find and are charging ahead. Bursts of automatic fire are tearing the air, strange flashes are seen from time to time.”


In 2012, 77,000 people resided in Konstantinovka. It is 55 km from Donetsk, and 40 km (24 miles) from Gorlovka.

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