Last day of work at Kolomoisky office


March 25, 2015
New Time
Translated by Kristina Rus

Filatov and Yarosh came to say good bye to Korban:

Проводить Корбана и попрощаться с прошлым приехали Филатов и Ярош

Journalist and photographer of New Time “sneaked” into the office of Deputy Governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Gennady Korban on the last day of work of team Kolomoisky.

The office of the former Deputy Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region, Gennady Korban, is located on the 7th floor of the regional state administration building (OGA). Today is his last work day within these walls. Korban does not want to comment on the situation around the departure of the team, but allows to take pictures of the office.

During the day to support a friend comes another former aide to the former Governor, MP Boris Filatov. He is more talkative. “I learned about the resignation of Igor Kolomoisky at 2.30. Gena [Korban] came over. We are neighbors, live across a wall,” he says.

After Kolomoisky Korban decided to resign.


I come to the administration building at about 13.30, straight from the train station. People keep coming to the office. “Your father is here,” – says the secretary. “Dad?” – genuinely surprised Deputy of Kolomoisky leads his father to the now former Governor’s office.

In the office of Kolomoisky there are no personal belongings left. “Where is Kolomoyskiy?” – I ask Filatov. “He met at night in Kiev with the President. Now he’s probably sleeping”.

Unlike the workplace of Kolomoisky, which is ready to accept the next owner, the office of Korban much reminds of past work of “privatovtsi”. Portrait of Yarosh, a target with the image of Putin, maps of railways, checkpoints, maps of connections of separatist groups, photos of fortifications. 

Leadership of DPR
Novorossia leaders
Donetsk Railways

In the closet on a shelf – folders with the labels “Roads”, “Finances”, “Ruban”, “Intelligence”, “Funds”. Now the folders are empty. [also: Internal Politics, Battalion, Culture, Dnepropetrovsk, Regional Council, Ecology, Tender of ODA (Dnepropetrovsk Regional Administration), Health Care, Human Resources, UMZ – KR] 


Team Kolomoisky moved into the administration building  in early March of last year.

“Today I am meeting with Yarosh. And Vova Parasyuk will come on Friday,” – says Filatov to Korban.

“Oh! There is a new collage on Mustafa and Leshchenko. Have you seen it?” –  exclaims the MP. Korban is silent and does not respond.


Filatov starts to talk about the rally that will take place in Dnepropetrovsk this Saturday: “The main theses: first – Dnepropetrovsk is for a United Ukraine, the second – a year of team Kolomoisky”.

At the rally there will be volunteers and Kolomoisky team members.

“And there will be a concert,” adds Filatov.

“Ruslana will perform. I already called her,” says Korban.

“And security measures?” – I ask.

“Of course. In the current situation we should be even more careful. Gena, we need to think of everything. I am giving you instructions” – jokes Filatov.


“You give me instructions?” – finally Deputy Governor shows a slightest interest in the conversation.

“Yes, I’ll hire you as MP’s aid. The law requires four assistants, and I have only two. And you will be my advisor in the Privatization Commission. I will pay you a salary,” – continues Filatov.

“No, I don’t want to” – responds Korban.

Then Filatov leaves. Before that he makes a comment to 1+1 TV channel, owned by Kolomoisky. Talks, sitting in the Governor’s chair.

“We were always a team, and made many decisions collectively. Accordingly, we also had the full right to use the office [of Kolomoisky] and to even sit in the chair – with nostalgia says Filatov. – So I wanted to sit in the chair of Kolomoisky one last time. A little bit sad”.


In an interview the former right hand of the Governor assured that team Kolomoisky will not leave the region unattended and will continue to help the front.

There were no other journalists in these offices today.

In an hour the MP returns and comes into the office of Korban. This time together with the Right Sector leader, Dmitry Yarosh.


“I did not smoke in two months, and now I want to smoke with you,” – says Yarosh to Korban and sits down at the table.

Cigarette smoke fills the office for many hours. Yarosh also refuses to comment anything, but promises to make a statement on Friday.

For 20 minutes the trio talks behind closed doors. Then Filatov takes Yarosh to his home, “to speak and to think.”

Corban remains in the office. He is preparing to record a video for 1+1. Puts on a jacket on top of a sweater.  A woman with a large stack of folders comes into the office and reports that tomorrow a presidential team is coming  to Dnepropetrovsk to present a new Governor.

“What are we going to do with food?” – she asks.

“Do I have to feed them? Let them eat at their own expense,” Korban responds.

Tomorrow Dnepropetrovsk expects the President.

“Command Center of Operational Command” – the parallel command center?


1. Kolomoisky didn’t show up for moving day, already moved out yesterday, before his official resignation? 

2. This office resembles an anti-Novorossia military command center, more then a civilian administration

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