Lvov deputy demands more local authority for Western Ukraine


Vladimir Parasyuk

March 19, 2015
Kristina Rus

Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk expressed the need to give more rights to the Western regions of Ukraine for active participation of these regions in the coup of 2014. 

According to the Deputy Mikhail Kobtsev, Parasyuk demanded “to divide Ukraine… yelling about the need to give special privileges to Western Ukraine for active participation on the Maidan! I heard the rhetoric of 2004 about the separation of Western and Eastern Ukraine, but only in the opposite direction! What were dying for on the Maidan!?”

Vladimir Parasyuk was born in the village of Maidan (!), Lvov region, played active role in Maidan battle units, and later became a commander of the 4th regiment of “Dnepr” battalion. He was wounded and captured by DPR, and according to Boris Filatov was taken to Russia for questioning by GRU before his release. 

Parasyuk is a member of the inter-faction group “Ukrop” (Ukrainian opposittion), which includes Dmitry Yarosh, Boris Filatov, Andre Biletsky and Boris Bereza (all notorious ultra-nationalists).

In the interview to “Ukrainian Pravda” Parasyuk announced:

    “I was a member of the student fraternity in Lvov, received military training in good camps of various organizations, which taught the spirit of Ukrainianism. We were taught hand-to-hand combat, shooting with airguns, with the official permission were also taught to shoot with firearms at the shooting galleries. Also I was a member of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, there was a battle unit. In the camps I learned the historical truth about the events in Ukraine, about the 1920’s, about the Holodomor in Ukraine.”

 In an interview he also answered the question about the affiliation with any political parties and groups: 

– And you are a member of the Right sector ? 

– No. Now I am not a member of any one political party, in any organization.

In fact, the Right Sector is the umbrella organization for various Ukrainian ultra-nationalist organizations. Although the current Ukrainian parliament is full of ultra-nationalists, apparently to mislead the public many of them did not officially affiliate with the Right Sector or any other infamous ultra-nationalist groups.

So here is what we have now in Kiev: the Ukrainian parliament is full of people who ran around Maidan with Molotov cocktails, then marched to the East to bomb Donbass, and are now demanding more authority for their local government in Lvov, just as Donbass did a year ago.

Who is a separatist now?

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