Moscow US embassy cables on WikiLeaks: Russian 5th column advised the US “to isolate Ramzan Kadyrov”


March 10, 2015
Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Kristina Rus
Published November 23, 2014

WikiLeaks published secret telegrams of U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Beyrle. The American ambassador reported to Washington about his meeting with the Russian “dissidents”, about the requests from non-systemic opposition and that an emergency situation is required in order to “overthrow Putin” .

Secret telegrams to Washington

It is not a secret that Russian “dissidents” meet regularly with American politicians. Those particularly close, such as Boris Nemtsov, are called directly to Washington, others, less significant, are invited to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle reports on each such meeting in secret cables. However, in the era of WikiLeaks it is difficult to maintain secrecy. The newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” published excerpts from these cables.

Cable “MOSCOW 000304” talks about the meeting of the Director of the Department for Russia at the National Security Council (NSC) of USA Michael McFaul with Russian human rights activists, which took place on January 14, 2010.

The human rights activists were disappointed with the thaw in relations between the two countries and the reset in Russian-American relations. Lyudmila Alexeyeva from the Moscow Helsinki group advised the Americans to closely monitor what is happening in Moscow, but do it more delicately than the previous US administration: “Increase the intensity, but don’t be the second Bush…” – told McFaul Alekseeva.

Another human rights activist, Yuri Dzhibladze from the Center for Human Rights and Democracy, also asked to increase the degree of interference in Russian affairs and even offered to influence Moscow with some “concessions”. “Dzhibladze believes that the U.S. should strengthen their criticism… to show that human rights issues occupy a prominent place in the agenda of bilateral relations… As a Russian partner the USA has the right to demand reforms in exchange for trade or other concessions”, – says the cable of John Beyrle.

The editor of the Internet site “Caucasian Knot” Grigory Shvedov asked Americans “to work more closely with NGOs, not limited to just financial support.” And Lev Ponomarev from the organization “For Human Rights” and Lyudmila Alekseeva advised US to isolate the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and to establish relations with leaders of other North Caucasian republics of Russia.

U.S. Ambassador framed the “dissidents”

The following cable “MOSCOW 000305” from January 19, 2010 talks about the new meeting of McFaul with the Russian opposition. With his report to Washington John Beyrle unwittingly exposed Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov from the movement “Solidarity”, Gregory Bovt from “The Right Cause” party, and Vladimir Ryzhkov, a former head of the Republican party. 

“…They agreed that the purpose of the political opposition in the next two years should be to work to prevent the return of Putin to the presidency. But, according to their opinion, and considering the control of Putin over society, his overthrow can only be caused by some kind of emergency situation. Bovt said that civil society in Russia at the present time is asleep and will unlikely actively oppose the current regime,” – quoted the words of his guests the US ambassador.

By the way, after the content of these cables was disclosed, Boris Nemtsov said in his interview to “Voice of America” that his words in the Byerly’s cables are quoted correctly.

This is how the “dissidents” explained to the Americans, what needs to be done in order to shake the authority of Vladimir Putin. Need an emergency, disaster, global upheaval. Otherwise, the non-systemic opposition in Russia has not the slightest chance. This is even recognized by Ryzhkov himself. “According to him, the majority of Russian citizens are content with the current situation,” – said the secret cable.

However, American diplomats, apparently, are not going to do the work for “dissidents”. Otherwise, why is the US funding numerous NGOs and human rights defenders? 

“Deputinisation” must come from Russia itself… Although the American President is not speaking openly in support of the civil society in Russia, as the members of opposition would like … he fully supports democratic reforms,” – lectured McFaul.

It should be noted that WikiLeaks has published reports only about several of the meetings of the dissidents with the Americans. Presumably, we’ll find out soon, how many more of such visits took place and who else attended them. And the Russian opposition activists should ponder about what other compromising things they said behind the walls of the American Embassy, that Byerly could report to Washington, and what will now become public knowledge.

Kristina Rus:

There are two key links here to the murder of Nemtsov: “the need to isolate Kadyrov” (a pillar of peace in Chechnya and Putin’s closest supporter) and “Caucasian Knot” being connected to the US (likely funded by the US, Caucasus being a key region of Russia, which is of interest to the US)

It is the “Caucasian Knot”, which broke the story about Nemtsov killers having a link to Kadyrov, and announced that there is no foreign trail! :

March 7, 2015

The acting secretary of the Security Council of Ingushetia, Albert Barahoev first informed the “Caucasian knot” what Dadaev and Gubashev were engaged in.

Z. Dadaev – is an active employee of the Chechen Interior Ministry, worked in senior positions. Until recently lived in Grozny in the barracks.

Later Barahoev explained to RIA Novosti that Dadaev is the deputy commander of the regiment battalion “North” of the Interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic.

“If the information of the sources of the “Caucasian knot” that one of the suspects was serving in the Chechen battalion “North” is confirmed, it will prove one thing: the suspects are associated with customers [likely intermediaries – KR], who, in turn, are connected with Chechnya. And the theory of a foreign trail, voiced by one of the agencies, is wrong. Our information shows the failure of the theory about a foreign trail and that customers of the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, live outside of Russia,” told RBC the chief editor of the website “Caucasian knot,” Grigory Shvedov.

KR: Here we see Americans took the advice of establishing connections with other Caucasian leaders, in this case Ingushetia, and used their own media outlet, “Caucasian Knot”, “to bury the foreign trail”, while framing Kadyrov.

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