Municipal services refuse to remove a dead body from Kharkov streets


March 25, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

 Photo from a local resident of occupied Kharkov.

“A year after “the revolution of dignity”. Ukraine- is Europe. On Frunze Avenue #65 (HTZ) near the entrance lies a corpse. It was taken from the apartment by two 2 alco-gentlemen (friends of the dead woman). It turns out that she had died on the evening of March 21. An ambulance arrived, recorded death, the police arrived wrote papers and said to call a body truck, a body truck came and said “our services are 400 UAH.” But the woman’s friends certainly did not find such money and the corpse remained in the apartment for another 2 days. 

Since the tomb of alcoholics was emitting an unbearable “flavor”, the neighbors asked them to do something. They did not find a better idea then to take the corpse outside. Then they called an ambulance, the ambulance arrived, and left. Police arrived, said “bring it back in the apartment” and left. Actually, I am surprised. The corpse is still laying there. So European.”

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