Nemtsov murder investigators have images of suspected killers’ faces



Nemtsov murder investigators have images of suspected killers’ faces

By Andrey

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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REN TV announced that the investigative group working on the
Nemtsov murder has images of suspected killers’ faces. They were obtained after
a thorough study of the killers’ departure from the crime scene. After
detecting the ZAZ Chance car which was used by the killers to make their
getaway, investigators requested all materials from the Potok surveillance
system along their route, and also surveillance video recordings. They also
requested that drivers of other cars who were driving on the same streets at
the same time be identified, so that any dashboard camera recordings might be

“These measures allowed us to get several images. They are
only in the possession of the investigative group, which now includes
specialists from the Counter-Extremism Center, the most experienced operatives
of Moscow criminal police, representatives from the FSB and the SKR. We have
images of at least two individuals. One can readily tell from the images that
they were most likely born in the southern parts of Russia,” said REN TV

FSB Director Alenksandr Bortnikov said that the investigators
have identified suspects. Of course, he added that there are always suspects.

J.Hawk’s Comment: The plot thickens! And the noose tightens.
The only question is, on whose neck? It has to be said that the investigation is moving very rapidly, and that the information that is released to the media is only a small fraction of what the investigators already know. 

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