Nemtsov murder scenario has already been used in Ukraine to start the Orange revolution


Georgy Gongadze

March 1, 2015

El Murid

Translated by Kristina Rus

The Murder of Nemtsov in the Name of The Head of Gongadze

The story with Nemtsov resembles and frankly is copied from another iconic story – the murder of Georgy Gongadze. This, of course, does not exclude purely domestic, business or even personal nature of this crime. However, media discourse has already been formed. The Opposition March (formally funeral) forgot about Nemtsov already yesterday – all the slogans and chants had little relation to Nemtsov. The West has saddled the phrase of the deceased that Putin only dreams to personally kill him – and has made it the front page headline [while it turned out to be a fake, meanwhile some think that this fake article sealed Nemtsov fate as a “sacrificial lamb” – KR]. Despite the fact that most Western readers have a very vague idea about who Nemtsov is  – if they even heard of him.

The sickeningly soft description of Boris Nemtsov’s biography, which for the second day is streaming from the screens of the Russian state media, suggests that the authorities understood the analogy of this murder with the murder of Gongadze and are trying to be proactive – clumsily, rough, but still trying.

Below is a quote from a letter which I received today. A person, who I know too well, who had to deal with different kinds of situations, including in Ukraine:

“…If you are interested in my opinion about the murder of Nemtsov. The fact is that at one time, at the request of some people, I gave my conclusions about the murder of Gongadze based on the open, not very open and very sensitive information.

In short, the murder of Nemtsov very much reminded me of the murder of Gongadze. A very fishy case.

If we discard a domestic version, then this murder is clearly aimed at discrediting Putin.

If the patterns are the same as those in the Gongadze case, then we should expect in the nearest future for some killer dirt to come out. Now the perpetrators are monitoring the reaction of public opinion. In about ten days (maybe more, maybe less) some “evidence” of Putin’s involvement may appear.

The evidence has to meet the following criteria: it should be seen with your own eyes (video); it can be heard (recording of a conversation). That is, the ordinary citizen should have the opportunity to evaluate the “evidence” for himself.

A possible option is that they will apprehend the killer or the killers, who will say that he acted on instructions from Putin’s circle. The murder is supposed to meet two objectives: discredit Putin within the country and discredit Putin outside the country. A complete discreditation of Putin must occur, so the Western leaders will be denied the opportunity to communicate with him, as Merkel and Hollande did recently. I advise you now to monitor the reaction in the Western media.

I remember how Kuchma was treated after the murder of Gongadze – none of the Western leaders want to even stand next to him.

If some “evidence” of Putin’s involvement will surface, we can assume that the first stage of a coup in Russia has begun.

This is my purely subjective opinion, my conspiracy theory, I do not claim to be correct.”

The Russian authorities have a dilemma: they have to find the killer – the Western leaders unequivocally demanded to solve the crime; the authorities cannot eliminate the killer at detention – for the same reason. But to arrest him is very dangerous: no one knows what he will say.

But the best option for the authorities – is a domestic version of the events. The surviving companion of Nemtsov can help turn it in that direction. Softly and gently already the question is brought up: why was she left alive? If the investigation is turned in that direction and this version is the first one, the “Gongadze theory” can be if not buried, but pushed aside.

However, this does not preclude the emergence of Russian “major Melnichenko”, who will provide some recordings and secret video of Putin personally, where he, like Kuchma, is ordering to  eliminate the hope of the Russian Revolution.

And this “Russian Melnichenko” can become a very serious threat and a tool of influence on the leadership of Russia – who knows whose name he may drop. Therefore the author is quite correct  – we need to give it some time. After a month no one will remember about Nemtsov, so the masterminds of the murder don’t have much time to expose the purpose of the whole operation.

It is worth reminding that the story with Gongadze allowed the “orange” opposition to break the usual flow of 2004 elections and turned Ukraine in the direction that today brought it to disaster. The temptation to repeat a well-tested technology is irresistible.

For Russia, by the way, this technology is not quite a novelty – Berezovsky tried to create a sacrificial victim from Rybkin (on the territory of the same Ukraine) to break the script of Russian presidential elections, but by that time he had no power and was outplayed. It is possible that today the murder of Nemtsov is largely coordinated with such group in the Russian government, who are willing to become the Russian “orange opposition”. Then the chances of the sponsors can be assessed as quite serious. 

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