Nemtsov spent his last day under close surveillance by the killers



The investigators have reconstructed the big picture ofNemtsov’s murder

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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While the investigators are working on theories concerning
possible organizers of the murder, the investigation was able to reconstruct
the full picture of the murder. The preparations took an entire day, during
which Nemtsov was trailed by several cars. Nemtsov was likely able to see the
face of the killer, who came out of hiding in front of both Nemtsov and
Duritskaya, then turned around and opened fire once the two passed him.

Law enforcement sources say that the surveillance was
conducted by three cars who have exchanged places six times during the day at
various stages of Nemtsov’s and Duritskaya’s travel. The investigation was able
to establish this using the Potok surveillance camera system video.

Nemtsov picked up Duritskaya at the Sheremetyevo airport
around 11 a.m. on February 27. Already then their Range Rover was being
followed by a Chevrolet. It followed Nemtsov’s car almost until Moscow, where
it was replaced by the next car. The second car followed Nemtsov almost to his
home on Malaya Ordinka.

In the evening, the criminals “accompanied” Nemtsov to the
GUM where they saw him dismiss his chauffeur. Then it became clear that he
would be returning on foot to his apartment on Malaya Ordynka. The external
surveillance established over Nemtsov then gave the killer group to occupy
their positions when Boris and Anna left Bosco Café around 23:22.

The car in which both the killer and his driver were sitting
was parked on a side street. It made a U-turn around 23:29 under the Bolshoy
Moskvoretskiy bridge, slowly approached the stairs, where the killer got out of
the car. By that time Nemtsov and Duritskaya were already on the bridge. The
killer waited for them on the stairs. He came out in front of them, pass them,
then turned around and at 23:31 he shot Nemtsov in the back six times. Four of
the bullets struck him, one of them struck Nemtsov’s heart and killed him.

By that time the car which was supposed to pick up the
killer had already reached the crime scene. The killer only had to run out into
the street and sit in the front passenger seat. Part of the killer’s vehicle
route after departing the crime scene was reconstructed using video
surveillance recordings.

J.Hawk’s Comment: So it would seem the operation involved at
least three cars and at least six individuals (counting the surveillance team
that kept tabs on Nemtsov at the GUM).  It really seems like too much of a coincidence
that Duritskaya came to see him just when he was clearly being targeted for
assassination which evidently was supposed to have happened on that or next
day, and preferably somewhere close to the Kremlin. The description of the surveillance does suggest the people in question knew what they were doing.

Since Nemtsov was theoretically able to see who the killer
was, so was presumably Duritskaya who after all walked right next to him all
this time. The description of the events above contradicts what Duritskaya is
reported to have said, namely that she did not see the killer because he shot
Nemtsov from behind. At no point did Duritskaya indicate the shooter was ever
in front of them.

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