Nemtsov wire taps. Russian Maidan. Part 2: “Who does a revolution at the Ritz?”


Ritz Moscow

Part 1 can be found here

This recording was made on the eve of Russian opposition protests in 2012

Translated on March 2, 2015 by Kristina Rus

Nemtsov’s statements are in bold

18:00 – 27:00 Nemtsov and Tikhomirova:


We have a meeting at 3:30 in the lobby of hotel National

Hotel “National” lobby?

There is a cafe

How about, what do you call it … I think Hyatt is closer to me

I think “National” is convenient, because I told them – near the Central Telegraph

Yes, Telegraph on Tverskaya. Ritz, how about Ritz?

No, we don’t want to go to Ritz. Who does a revolution at the Ritz? (laughter)

And who does a revolution at the “National”? (laughter)

Ok, try to talk them into my offer, I can tell you, their offer is simply unacceptable, I will simply be against it, it will turn the event into boring crap.

I understand, again, we don’t have any aggressive desires to steal anything from anyone, we all have a desire to continue this wave.
I am just asking to consider this. Rykhlin is coming, who is categorically against their offer, but I am simply suggesting … I am offering to discuss this calmly

And we need a schedule, we have one hour for the discussion, they need to be constructive,  they are normal smart guys, aren’t they?

They are absolutely constructive, they are relaxed and calm

It’s just that they are euphoric… As always, when people achieve something they get euphoric. 

Of course, of course

But I have been there done that. I know everything about this life, totally everything

Besides they are ready to find money

That’s true, money is important, but do you think whose money was used to organize the rally?

I know whose money was used to organize it

A search for money in this situation is a secondary issue (laughs) No, I am very glad, that they are in the same boat with us, as far as I understand they don’t have a problem with me?

Absolutely not, they are absolutely adequate, they are just afraid that it will turn into … because according to their opinion, the speeches of the politicians are boring crap, do you understand?

Nevertheless, the reaction to me was good

The reaction to you was good, but for example the reaction to Nastya Dontsova was not so good,

And Yavlinsky was not so good

And Yavlinsky was not so good, and the communists weren’t so good

Wait, may be it depends on the politician?

May be, may be

Wait, I think, they don’t understand anything. I will fix their brains. Politics is the same profession as journalism

Listen, they will share their impressions, and what is written and said in Facebook about the results of the meeting, they will tell you all of this, this is important, so you know about it

Ok, is it very negative about the politicians?

No, anyway the best performance was Akunin

Ok, what did he say, I left…

You left, I will let you listen to it

What did he say?

He said that we should make up a committee of 15 people, which would present demands to the Kremlin about what we want to do, and how concretely

Ok, so it turned into our demands, what else? 

Akunin was excellent, besides he now wants to participate in everything

Akunin is a smart dude, of course he was good. I don’t want to see writers in the organizing committee, because its a destructive element

This is not the organizing committee for the rally, it’s a different committee

He can participate in a different one

Anyway, Rykhlin is coming too at 3:30, on your side

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Can you tell me the participants

Tikhon, Ilya Krasilshyk


Parkhom is not around, he is in Piter. Rykhlin, you and I

Ok, I like that. Do they have clout with Parkhom or is he going to say, go f%ck yourself? 

Yes, they have clout with Parkhom, besides Rykhlin has clout with Parkhom, because they are friends

I know that, Parkhom is my friend too

Ok, are they internet moderators?

Yes, they are moderators. Besides, look, Ilya Krasilshik has absolutely apolitical readers, him and his magazine, however the rally became the main topic of everything. 


The magazine “Big City”, Phillip Didko, Tikhon’s brother… the same thing

Is Phillip going to be there? 

No, Phillip will not be there, Tikhon will be there

Tikhon is a good guy

Tikhon is great

What is Tikhon in charge of, what does he do?

First of all they invite everyone, second of all, they look like an absolutely neutral side from the perspective of any politician.

I understand, Olya

They decide everything together, there is a group: Ilya, Tikhon, Kashin, Phillip

Is Kashin with them?

Kashin is with them

Excellent, I like that, ok

But there will be two, with whom we actively worked, Tikhon and Ilya, Philip

And their idol is Navalny, as far as I understand?

No, only Kashin

What about Tikhon and Ilya?

Absolutely no idols

So they have no political goal to endorse anyone?


That’s not good, by the way, do you know why?


It’s a loss of horizons. Again, not bad for us, but in general

I understand

Let me explain, they represent the internet crowd, which …

Yes, which turns out to be very numerous….

Yes it’s very numerous, but is an absolutely amorphous mass. What they f$cken tell them, they will go there. 


It’s a crowd … Yes, yes, yes… It is very inert, it is very vulnerable to different conferences … to consolidate it you need a will. Such will has Navalny, listen, who is a specialist in manipulating internet crowds, and politicians, who don’t cause a very strong rejection, like myself

You should talk to them about this Internet crowd, about who these people are, I think we don’t understand them somewhat, because we live in the different world, talk to them…

Don’t overestimate it

I am not overestimating, I don’t know, I don’t have an answer to that question, I don’t know

Ok, fine

Ok, 3:30 National cafe, bye

Check back soon for Part 3 …

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