Neo-nazis run the Kiev Police Department


March 4, 2015
Mikle 1
Translated by Kristina Rus

Thugs captured Ukraine

I am already tired of repeating the widely known evidence that the junta which came to power as a result of armed coup, is Nazi and is relying on Galician banderites as the backbone of punitive battalions. No wonder the banderites, jumping on Maidan against the oligarchs, corruption and other ulcers of Ukraine, are fighting under the leadership of all these billionaires and oligarchs, and pravoseki (the Right Sector) are eating from the hand of Beni Kolomoisky in Dnepropetrovsk.

This is why our enemy is not the people of Ukraine, but the Nazis who seized the power, first grown in Galicia,  multiplied all over Ukraine over 23 years and now passing for Ukrainian nationalism. Although their idol Bandera (also a so called Ukrainian nationalist) hated and killed foremost the poles and … Ukrainians, who came after the war from Eastern Ukraine as teachers, doctors, engineers, builders. Today they do the same thing. Though not touching the poles, afraid of the owners. [because there are few left – KR]

And this photo shows that the government tolerates the Nazis not only in their penal battalions, which are already being transferred to UAF (for reinforcement), but in the Police Department, which is also unreliable and is not trusted by the Junta. After the appointment of the deputy commander of the punitive regiment “Azov” Vadim Trojan to the position of deputy head of the Department of Internal Affairs in Kiev region, outright fascists with swastika tattoos settled in the Kiev Regional Police Department. In the photo they are in the lecture hall of the Kiev regional PD.

The picture was posted by a known Nazi and schizophrenic Artem Bonov on his Vkontakte page, along with a video, where the assembled Nazi punishers heed Patriotic poems. Regiment “Azov” has not distinguished itself in combat, but became famous for lawlessness in the occupied territories of Donbass, primarily in Mariupol. Now they are being prepared to protect the order in Kiev region.

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