Oleg Tsarev: The last battle of Ukrainian oligarchs


Oleg Tsarev

March 16, 2015
OLEG TSAREV, former presidential candidate of Ukraine, the Chairman of Novorossian Parliament
Translated by Kristina Rus

Oleg Tsarev talks about the beginning of forced redistribution of Ukrainian property

I once heard a story about how fishermen ripped up a shark’s belly and threw it into the ocean. The shark continued to swim around the boat. Sharks are very tenacious. In the clear water the fishermen could see how the shark grabbed the fish and its own insides, thrown by the fishermen. The food fell out of a torn stomach back into the ocean, the shark swallowed it once again, repeating over and over.

This monstrous in its cruelty, futility and doom, story very much reminds me of what I now see in my motherland. At the background of the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, the oligarchs and their henchmen are locked in a grand, even epic last battle for property. The looting is total: looting the country, robbing each other, robbing business, robbing the people.

In Soviet times there was a popular term: “sharks of capitalism”- calling those, whom we now call “oligarchs”. Pragmatic, heartless and bloody. Sharks, as our oligarchs, have the same basic instinct – to swallow. This instinct is unconditional. They say, a shark and a crocodile can bite, even when their brain is dead. It’s a reflex…

The country is crumbling. People are fleeing the country, seeking shelter around the world. Only in Russia there are nearly a million refugees. The country is terminally ill. Thousands of wounded, mutilated and killed. Gradually, the country is sliding into default. It is still alive, but an anticipation of a great disaster is in the air.

Meanwhile, before the people who have not yet came to their senses, realizing how much the country has changed over the past year, with shameless candor, our oligarchs have arranged the last redistribution in the life of our country. Kolomoisky, Firtash, Pinchuk, Akhmetov, Grigorishin, Novinsky… The battle for property is waged on all fronts. In Verkhovnaya Rada, in the London court, in courts of Ukraine, on the territory of Ukraine, using the territorial battalions and radical organizations.

The first losses appeared on the side of Igor Kolomoisky, Vadim Novinsky, Konstantin Grigorishin:

– The Prosecutor General’s office searched and seized about eight million dollars in the office of Novinsky’s “Smart-Holding”, allegedly intended for the financing of separatists. A takeover of Novinsky’s “Ingulets GOK”, Makeevka Metallurgical plant is being prepared. 

– “Turboatom” is being taken from Konstantin Grigorishin, as well as NGO Frunze and “Oblenergo” (“Regional Energy”). 

– On the line is the property of the “family” of Yanukovych. 

– War with Sergey Kurchenko has long gone beyond the legal framework and moved into the category of subversive battle, the oligarchs alternately blow up each other’s assets in Odessa. 

– A titanium factory and “Rovnoazot” factory is about to be taken from Dmitry Firtash; the ideological base is prepared to repossess TV channel “Inter,” owned by Firtash.

– Regarding Victor Pinchuk. Due to the fact that Kolomoisky is loosing the trial in London to Victor Pinchuk, an unprecedented pressure is placed on the father-in-law of Pinchuk, Kuchma, with accusations of corruption, the Gongadze case is being resurrected, and there is no doubt that if this does not work, other methods will be applied.

Apparently, the time has come, and on March 14th, Igor Kolomoisky decided to triple the number of soldiers in his battalion. For this, he instructed to increase the recruitment of people, and allocated funds for the purchase of weapons. Apparently, the decisive battle of the oligarchs is approaching, but it is unlikely that there will be a winner. But the looser is evident – the people of Ukraine.

The sharks are guided by instincts, they don’t think that the coup, organized by them and the subsequent war are destroying the state and state institutions. They didn’t think that by supporting Maidan, they already have seriously reduced the value of their business, which will continue to fall. In the country, swept by chaos, business and property are rapidly depreciating. It is of course easier to steal in a state of chaos, which they unleashed. A year ago, the state would not allow a thousandth part of those methods, with which property is now being redistributed. Now you can. There are still abundant assets which can be seized. But they don’t think about what’s the use from all this property in a country where a human life is not worth anything. Because soon, to be wealthy or just to have a little more than the other, will become life-threatening. At any time armed people can come and kill you and your family to get what you have. Do they expect to live abroad, earning from the property owned in Ukraine? But what’s the purpose of these plants and factories, if they are closing? Why fight for property, if it will soon be worthless? These questions could be asked by those who think, and are not guided by instincts. And those who are guided by instincts, continue to plunder, to raid, to grab, grab, grab…

They don’t think about the fact that in the process of the plunder they already committed so many crimes, shed so much blood, that their end is already predetermined. They are all infected with death. But this will all be later, and now the shark is circling in its deadly dance, swallowing food and its own insides.

Kristina Rus:

What is happening in Ukraine for the last 23 years is simply a historic anomaly – historic conditions under which the new system was solely prompted by the resources, left over from the old system and a generous support from the big brother in the East. The Ukrainian oligarchs, drunk with their new independence from Moscow, made new rules. Their main rule is: “the strongest wins” and it has brought the country to a brink. 

Only when the country hits the bottom can a recovery truly begin. But the bottom is sill coming.

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