“Our worst enemy are the a**holes in Kiev who sent us here to die”–UAF soldiers disciplined for criticizing Poroshenko



Ukrainian soldiers who cursed Poroshenko out from their trench were deprived of pay

By Sasha Zhuk

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

UAF soldiers who in their trenched filmed a video for
Poroshenko containing very strong criticism were heard in Kiev. Kiev did not
like the video. Rather than satisfy the soldiers’ wishes, they were deprived of
their pay. That’s probably just the beginning.

The soldier who filmed the video, Andrey Grachev, wrote
about it on his Facebook page.

“I want to ask forgiveness from my children and my beloved
wife. I filmed and posted the video thanks to which I am now fighting without
pay. Other guys on the video also. I don’t understand, maybe we are really in
the wrong. So now we have to fight for Ukraine, for the President, for free.
Guys, don’t tell the truth. Sit tight and keep it to yourselves. Otherwise you’ll
lose a months pay, like we did,” Grachev wrote.

Grachev filmed and posted a video in which he and other
soldiers asked Poroshenko a number of inconvenient questions.

“President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, Commander in Chief! You
are being addressed by UAF soldiers. We are not National Guard or a Volunteer
battalion, we are the UAF,” is how the video starts.

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“Please tell us, Mr. President, and let me remind you who I
am, perhaps you even remember me? I was 16 years old, and I won a judo
competition, you gave me a kimono in which I won many competitions. I still
have that kimono. Do you see where we are right now, rather than where we ought
to be in order to defend the sporting glory of our country, or to raise our
children and be home with our friends and loved ones?”

“The country is a mess. You can’t establish order, but wasn’t
that your slogan when you were elected? Do you remember your words on the
Maidan: ‘1000 hryvnya per day for soldiers who are in combat. You promised on
May 25th that starting with May 26th everything in the
country will be fine! Except that everything is getting worse and worse in our

“What ATO? Listen to what’s happening here! It’s war. If you
can’t see that, get off your ass, and come here with your wife and children to
see what is happening. How guys are dying for you, so that you could live in
chocolate. We have a sense that soon the only way we’ll be able to feed our
families is by using our weapons. Because we’ll go home and have to fight for
food. Because our damned salary is $150. 
Mr. President, this is f*cked,” say the soldiers.

Moreover, they say that highly praised new Ukrainian
equipment does not reach the front line. “You are strengthening your National
Guard, giving it new rifles, armored jeeps, Bulat tanks are 50km from the front
line. You think you can hide behind them? How come we haven’t seen even a
single Kuguar to evacuate the wounded? Where’s food?”

The soldiers also said what kind of weapons they have to
use: rifles from 1980s, machine guns from 1954 which frequently malfunction.

At the end of the video, the soldiers ask their fellow
servicemembers to march on Kiev. “Think about it, guys. We’ll probably soon
have to march on Kiev and stop sitting here. Because our worst enemy are the
a$$holes in Kiev who sent us here to die.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: The video has gotten over half a million hits, and far more people liked and disliked it. The most popular comment (383 likes as of me writing this) runs as follows:

“People are starting to see through…our Ukraine is f*cked, thanks to the ‘heroes’ for wrecking the country, for the 40 hryvnya per dollar, for Crimea, for Donbass, for Tymoshenko, for Poroshenko…thanks for everything!  All of you scum should have been scattered to four winds on the Maidan, we’d still have 8 hryvnya per dollar, and Crimea, and Donbass, and all these people would still be alive, and there’d be normal salaries…goddamned ‘europeans’! What f*cking Europe are we with salaries lower than Somalia ?!”

One wonders how much more widespread such attitudes are, though Grachev assures on his channel that “believe me, Mr. President, everyone feels the same way.”. Let’s not forget many of these soldiers will soon go home as part of the demobilization wave. Will they take their political attitudes and weapons with them?

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