Polish ambassador robbed in Western Ukraine


March 26, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Vinnytsa news siste Real-vin.com with reference to sources in police reported tha the Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine was robbed yesterday.

The Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine was in Vinnytsa on a working visit, according to the portal. He came from Lvov and rented an apartment on Zodchikh street.. Last night around 18:30, after returning home the Ambassador discovered the burglary. After inspection of the apartment, the Ambassador found that two iPads and 350 hryvnias in cash were missing. Stolen property was estimated at 21,350 UAH.

Recall that Poland was one of the first to support the Euromaidan. According to media reports, the growth of crime in Ukraine after the victory of Euro-revolution is off the charts.

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